Choosing the Right Kitchen Colour [Design Ideas]

Are you unable to decide on your kitchen colour? Choosing the right kitchen colour can turn out to be a bit difficult what with the plethora of options being available these days. Keeping that in mind we have compiled this blog to give your expert ideas so that you can make a informed decision for your modular kitchen design.

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Kitchen Colour Tone

You first need to decide on the overall kitchen colour palette. Choose from either warm earthy tones or cool blues. We recommend using a neutral tone using earthy colours which gives ample scope to incorporate white and cream colours. A more virbrant tone using brighter colours or pastel shades is also a good idea but then you need to have furniture and colour your walls to match the tones. Avoid looking at too many options as that will make it harder to make a decision. Stick with 5 samples and select from among them.

Colour coordinate your layout

After you are finished choosing the colours for the different sections, you need to lay them out together to see if they are setting well. Include your cabinets, countertops and backsplash surface colours and textures when doing this activity. You may also want to consider the colour of the walls of the adjacent rooms to ensure that the new kitchen colour naturally flows into the other rooms.

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Eliminate the unnecessary

Eliminate the colours which are not matching with the rest of the colours. Repeat this process again for the remaining colours if need be. If required add in other similar colour tones to get the desired look.

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Check the colour tones under different lighting

Paint a small section of the wall using your chosen wall paint. Monitor this space for a day and see how the shade changes it tone throughout the day. See how it functions under lights and how it blends and adds to the kitchen design as a whole. If you are deciding between 2-3 options, paint the wall side by side to get a better comparative prospective.

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Applying your kitchen colour choice

After you are done deciding what colour you want, comes the design execution phase. Always hire professionals to do that job as making a beautiful kitchen is a highly skilled and technical job.

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