Smart Bedroom Wardrobe [Design Ideas]

While all bedroom wardrobe designs have the same basic function, that of providing a safe haven to your clothes and accessories, the way they do their job is fast changing. Out of the box design options which make use of the contours of your room to make your designer wardrobe are becoming more popular.

The option to customize your wardrobe, like the one offered by LUXUS, enables one to personalize their bedroom space without compromising on the essentials – storage options for space maximization.

Luxus Range of Bedroom Wardrobes

The around the window wardrobe

The window in the wall does not have to mean the end of customization for you. Indeed customization is all about making use of the unusable. Integrate the window in your design and build the wardrobe around it. In the window niche you can create a cozy reading area as well.

The Wall Divider

Say you have a huge open room plan and need to create some boundaries. You can always use your sliding door wardrobe to create the separation in the room. For example you can use it to create a wall if your bathroom door is opening into the room to create an narrow corridor. Position the wardrobe in such a way so that it blocks the view of the bathroom door.

Integrated Tv Unit

Go for space saving bedroom wardrobe design integrated with a provision for installing your television. This design feature can come in sliding door or open shelve variants. But take care to note the height at which you want to place your tv for optimal viewing experience.

KLARA range of TV Units by LUXUS

The front of the Bed option

If you are the type who prefers to keep the television out of the bedroom, then this idea is for you. Place your sliding door wardrobe opposite your bed. Use mirrored sliding doors to add more visual space to your room.

Storage around the Headboard

Storage cabinets can be made around your headboard with an open area above the bed for placing artwork on the wall. This way you won’t have to look at your furniture when you lay down in bed.

Integrated Vanity

Another space saving idea is to combine you bedroom wardrobe with a built in vanity area. You can custom build a series of drawers under the vanity and mount a mirror on the wall to complete the look.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors offer amazing functionality for bedrooms. Sliding door wardrobes can come in 2,3,4 or even more doors depending on your wall space. A large sliding door wardrobe unit covering the full length of your wall space will look especially impressive. Add mirrored doors and you will have doubled the space visually.

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The  Minimalist Approach

The trend these days is to go for minimalism in design. Over the top, intricate designs are on there way out. Idea is to keep it simple with clean cut lines and play more with color tones and textures.

Integrated built in Furniture

Customization options available nowadays, enables one to take full advantage of the contours of the spaces available and offers amazing storage functionality. Manufacturing technology has evolved to a level where almost any layout and shape can be used and compensated for.

LUXUS Range of Sloping Wardrobes

Semi-open or open Design

Frosted glass can make for very elegant glass dividers behind which you can hide your wardrobe while still retaining the open feel of the design. It is an excellent option for large sized rooms.

Extra Wide

Wall-to-wall furniture has the effect of making your room look larger. Use an extra wide and extra large dresser to not only create more storage option but also give a more expansive feel to your bedroom.

Childrens Room Furniture by LUXUS

Boutique Inspired Bedroom Wardrobe

A bit old fashioned are you? Then this is for you. Never mind their dwindling popularity, boutique inspired bedroom wardrobes are also available for customization. Though the lack of minimalism does spike up the cost.

Hall Passage Furniture Range by LUXUS

Storage in the Bed

Beds with built in storage facility have been around for along time now and for obvious reasons. Instead of storing items under the bed, where they can invariably gather dust, built-in beds, offer a protected storage option. You can store not only your blankets, covers and pillows in there, but also your off season clothing, so you can keep your bedroom wardrobe from overflowing.

Living Room Wardrobe Range by LUXUS

Vertical Storage Options

Vertical storage options offer amazing space utilization while taking little space themselves. Pull out vertical shelves for instance, fit into your wall unit, can be completely closed off and concealed and are excellent for storing for your shoes collection.

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