Modern TV Units for Modern Living [Design Ideas]

The Klara range of modular wall tv units combines the simplicity of Scandinavian design with contemporary freshness. The compartments, drawers integrated in the design also provide one with ample space for your movie or book collection. Coming in 3 distinct styles you have the perfect solution to your entertainment hub needs. Klara also comes in small, medium and large sizes, each style designed to best compliment your space constraints.

The entertainment hub in your home is probably the most important and central part of your living zone. Over the years, as technology has progressed we have seen the box televisions being phased out. And as the television has evolved, so has the humble tv unit. Klara TV units are sleek with clean cut contours and come in a range of symmetric, asymmetric and floating cabinetry designs to choose from.

This model is best for small homes or for creating a more private TV area in a larger room. Coming in high gloss finishes in 3 distinct color styles it will add a modern appeal to you home. Ideal for pairing with televisions ranging from 21 inches up to 40 inches, you have the space options which can be used to house your literature collection or modern art pieces.

This singular Klara model here is ideal for medium sized homes. As you can see, this specific model is slightly elongated which can cover up more of the horizontal spaces. Select plainer furniture pieces to go with the Scandinavian appeal to avoid any mismatch of the various elements in the room. This model is ideal for tv sizes ranging from 40 inches to 50 inches.

UXUS KLARA Tv Units Catalogue

This model here features lots of storage options for your various book, art or movie collections and is ideal for large rooms with larger television screens. You can also choose from similar models minus the extra cabinets if you prefer a more open styling. You can further jazz up the design by going for a more colorful feature wall. It will make the tv unit stand out more while adding your very own style statement to your living room space.

The Klara range offers you storage options with clean uncomplicated lines while adding a contemporary look to your living room.