Kitchen Trends


Kitchen is the most complex room of a house. It involves more than just a selection of cabinets and countertops. Ensuring that the kitchen fits and functions within the home, considers the impact of latest technology, meets your functional needs are as important to a successful design as selection of the perfect color palette. To help your thinking regarding the options, we’ve put together information on the latest trends.


For most families, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Hence it is important to consider how the space impacts adjacent rooms and the flow of traffic movement. New design features and modern accessories help to customize your space ergonomically. Modern LED lighting can enhance the efficiency and also create “drama”. Modern built-in appliances designed for modular kitchens bring technology into the kitchen offering opportunities to enhance productivity and save energy.


Current trends indicate that, new homes will be smaller and offer more casual living space. Open floor plans will enable the desire for gathering and connecting. The modern kitchen spaces will transition easily for multi-purpose uses – integrating kitchen, dining and living functions.

  • Dedicated rooms will cater to specialized needs like bedroom, office, exercise and crafts.
  • Simplification will be preferred. Open floor plan strategy may be preferred by removing walls will transform existing spaces.
  • Trends toward use of eco-friendly material in the overall home design are fast increasing.
  • Opening the home to “patio” or “garden” rooms by use of Glass walls, sliding doors, and other transparent may be preferred.
  • Home management is facilitated by utilizing a service entry or passage with features like a message center with key racks, mail holders, mobile charging station, shoe racks and lofts for hide-away storage. Also for homes with kids these areas will be cleverly designed to “dump” school bags and sports equipment.


In the future Inclusive Design features including zero-step entries and showers, wide door and hallways, multi-level cabinets and non-slip flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms will be commonplace. Other safety and ergonomic considerations like seating, grab bars and motion sensor lighting will gain importance. These features will be very important for families with multiple generations living under one roof.


Modern day kitchens feature a streamlined look, with large windows and with fewer wall cabinets.

  • In Europe open shelving is popular for those who want items within reach. But in India you have to work harder to keep it clean from dust.
  • Traditional free-standing on platform stainless steel gas stoves are being challenged by modern cooking hobs and induction cook tops and double wall ovens.
  • Under-the-counter and built-in options are rapidly gaining popularity, with drawers that double as refrigerators, wine storage and even a pullout microwave.
  • For faucets, ergonomic long neck types are used. Also the convenience of a pullout model is a desired feature. Low flow and foam flow features will be preferred for efficient use of water.
  • Polished chrome is the leading finish option. Brushed nickel is gaining popularity.
  • Bottom freezer drawer and double door refrigerator models are preferred.
  • Healthy living will is a strong trend. All adult family members will be actively working with a busy schedule. Kitchens will be technology enabled with a plethora of appliances including steam ovens, induction cooking and warming drawers to keep nutritious meals ready for active family members.