Refacing your existing Kitchen

Refacing your Existing Kitchen

Replacing an existing kitchen can be a tedious as well as expensive affair. But if you still want to give your kitchen a brand new look, you can do so by choosing to go for Cabinet Refacing. This is not only a cost effective solution but also a very simple one which can finished quiet easily without any shifting hassles.

What is Kitchen Refacing

  • It is an increasingly popular kitchen remodelling concept
  • Keep existing cabinet boxes and structure
  • Replace doors and drawer fronts
  • Add new aesthetic handles
  • Refacing is easier and less expensive than conventional remodelling.
  • Boxes and face frames of existing cabinets are kept intact and new pre-finished doors and drawer fronts are installed and viola….you have a brand new looking kitchen

Why Kitchen Refacing

  • A wide choice of styles, finishes and colours can give you kitchen a new look. You can choose from:
    • Hi-gloss acrylic doors
    • PU painted doors
    • Laminated doors
  • By choosing refacing you will save on costs for demolition and construction
  • We can take care of your refacing in just 3 days

What Happens Next?

  • A LUXUS expert will visit your home for a free consultation
  • With your inputs we will design the custom solutions that will create the most most value for your kitchen
  • Choose between cabinet refacing, adding new kitchen cabinets or a unique blend of both. Additionally you can also add new storage accessories, LED lights to your existing cabinets and even new counter-tops to complete your kitchen remodel.


3 Easy Ways to Get Started

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