Getting your Wardrobe Organised

Planing a wardrobe that is very unique to an individual is important! Your wardrobe can be customised depending on each person’s usage.This requires careful selection of wardrobe components such as shelves, drawers,hanger rods and many more. While designing wardrobe with these component we need to take into consideration few important wardrobe measurements such are width, depth and height of each.

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  1. The essential dimensions that need to be taken care are:

    • Depth – Normally wardrobes have to be 24” deep. The hangers are generally 16”-18”.
    • Width – The wardrobe width depends on the available wall length.
    • Height – Wardrobe heights vary from 6’-0” to 9’-0(loft can also be incorporated according to ones requirements).
    • Shelves – While placing shelves one above the other, there has to be a min. of 10” – 12” gap between two shelves. If a hanger rod needs to be fixed below a shelf, a min of 3” has to be maintained between shelf and hanger rod.

    Importantly once the wardrobe measurements are clear ,the wardrobe design revolves around the wardrobe components

  1. Now that we know the indivitual measurement of each item(refer to the link) that go into the wardrobe we play with the different  wardrobe components. We have to consider the 3 important wardrobe components and they are


    • Pull out shelves
    • Regular wooden shelves
    • Glass shelves
    • Shoe shelves
    • Shelves with led


    • Drawers with internal divider
    • Drawers with glass facia
  1. 3.Hanger rods

    • Regular straight hanger rods
    • Distorted hangers
    • L-type hangers
    • Transverse hangers


    • Pull down hanger
    • Pull out trouser rack
    • Pull out tie/belt rack
    • LED hanger rod

    With a well-organized and thoughtfully planned combination of shelves, drawers and hanger rods your wardrobe can be utilized to the fullest.

  1. 1.SHELVES

    Shelves allow you to stack all the folded clothes and big bulky items.

    Depending on the items of storage the number of shelves can be planned.

    While placing shelves one above the other, there has to be a min. of 10” – 12” gap between two shelves.

    Shelves are categorized into different types based on usage.

    Pull out shelves

    They are designed in such a way that 2- 3 pairs of neatly pressed/folded shirts can be placed. These shelves can be easily pulled out and clothes can be accessed.

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Regular shelves

They are the regular wooden shelves that can be used for stacking clothes.

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Glass shelves

Use of glass shelves improves the appearance of the wardrobe interior by making the wardrobe look visually lighter. Clothes stacked at the rear end can be easily found.

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Shoe shelves

These shelves are designed with a facia of 100 mm height that helps you to stack your shoes in a neat manner. These can be positioned either at angle or straight arrangement.

Shelves with led

The led strip light below shelves enhances your wardrobe. Each section of your wardrobe can be well lit giving good visibility and helps in easy selection of clothes.


They are components that can be easily accessed and you can store items that need not be displayed nor stacked. Drawers can be of various types-

Drawers with internal dividers

They help you to organize jewellery and other small valuables in an organized way. These drawers can also be incorporated with bangle rods.

Drawers with glass facia

Improves the appearance of the wardrobe interior and more importantly helps you to see what is kept in each drawer.


According to standards a min of 48” rod length is required per person. They are means to display all the jackets, suits and long clothes. There are different ways of placing hanger rods. When fixing the rod a min gap of 3” should be left between rod and shelf above. This helps in the easy access of hangers.

Regular straight hanger rods

L-type hanger rods

This type can be used at the corners of the wardrobes that will help utilize the space which otherwise in most cases remain as an unused area.

Distorted hanger rods

An accessory that will help us to organize ties in an orderly manner.

Transverse hanger rods

Depending on the different types of hanging clothes, the rod need be fixed at a certain height. Below shows the height at which rod needs be fixed.

  • 45 inches – general adult clothing
  • 63 inches – street dresses
  • 72 inches – floor length dresses
  • 30 inches – children (ages 3-5)


For the effective utilization of wardrobe space there are number of accessories that will help you to organize. Only 20-30% of the clothes are used by us, the reason being not arranging them in an orderly way. Wardrobe accessories help us to a great extend in accessing the entire wardrobe space.

Here are few warbrobe accessories:

Pull down Hanger

It helps you to place the hanger rod at height way beyond your reach thereby allowing you to utilize the space above your reach.

Pull out trouser rack

The rack can be easily pulled out to access the entire range of clothing.

Pull out tie/belt rack

All your ties and belts can be neatly hung from the hook

LED Hanger rod

Proper lighting is very important to see the interior of the closet. Dark closets are difficult to maintain. Illuminated hanger rod gives an even distribution of light throughout the length. This helps you to organize and hang your clothes in a proper dedicated place.

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