Guide to Buying a Sliding Door Wardrobe

Guide to Buying a Sliding Door Wardrobe

It is time to upgrade to a sliding door wardrobe and let go of your age old almirah or cupboard. But the question you must be asking is how and where to begin and how do you select the one that is right for your needs. Through this blog we will try to answer some of the most common questions which come to the mind of the first time buyer of a sliding door wardrobe.

Buying a modern wardrobe these days can be a bit confusing as they come with some many different options for doors – sliding doors, hinge doors, L shape, walk-in, sloping. Each style is designed to make the most of your space constraints and help you get the most out of your investment.

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Why ditch your old Wardrobe?

Well, because a sliding door wardrobe is way cooler, that is why. Modern CNC technology like the one LUXUS employs, allows modern wardrobes to be way more stylish and attractive than their previous generation counterparts. Painting technology has advanced to a level that a range of material and texture finishes can be mimicked. Use of newer, space age materials has not only led to design innovation, it has brought down costs and also has helped in saving countless trees and contribute towards a greener tomorrow. By choosing a sliding door wardrobe, you can do your own bit for the environment, while making the organization of your home storage requirements easier than ever before.


Sliding door wardrobes come in many different price segments. But what you have to think about is that a wardrobe is a long term investment, something which you can even pass on to future generations. In most cases sliding door wardrobes will work out more cost effective because they are made using recycled wood which helps to bring down costs. Granted that teak wood-furniture has its own charms, but they are expensive and well beyond the reach of most people. Modern technology solves that problem, by making use of newer materials which save trees and bring down cost while also allowing the construction of beautiful and vibrant sliding door wardrobes.


Your sliding door wardrobe can be designed to be the main feature of your room. Luxus can customize your wardrobe design to best suit your space constraints and needs. Small space does not have to mean less of design options. Luxus certified designers can create your every whim and fancy and show it to you in a 3D format as to how the finished wardrobe will look after installation at your place. All features like size, placement, style, depth can be designed to the exact detail before implementation. use of 3d visualization software, removes the possibility of any mistake in construction as the CNC machine equipped factory is integrated with our CAD-CAM design software. So you get exactly what you see.

Storage Spaces

Your sliding door wardrobe has to be have enough space for your needs. Fortunately more space does not translate to a bigger wardrobe size anymore. Luxus designed wardrobes are smartly created to make the most of your limited or confined spaces. Taking the right measurements is very important. On placing of your order, a LUXUS professional will visit your place to take measurements. After a thorough examination and research on our part, our designers will create and recommend the best way to utilize your space. Depending on the space available one can considers different accessories for storage like hanging bars, shelves, drawers to make the most of your space.


Sliding door wardrobes can be designed with integrated mirrors if that is your fancy. Mirrors can expand you spaces and make any room feel larger no matter how limited. You can either have the complete doors mirrored or mix and match mirrored with glossy exteriors for a dual tone stylized look.

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Quality Control

Since your wardrobe is a important and long term investment on your part, LUXUS has very stringent quality control measures in place which ensure that the wardrobe you get is exactly the one you asked for. We take our business and our customers very seriously, so we will do everything to gain your trust and deliver on it.

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