The reasons are infinite to give your tired, old, greasy kitchen cabinets a transformation and by just transforming the kitchen cabinets the entire kitchen will have a complete updated new look. Here are few things you can do to give those cabinets a facelift without the cost and hassle of tearing out the cabinets and re-modelling them.

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This is the first and easy option as there are a lot of options available like chalk paint,latex paint, milk paint or even lacquer or an oil based paint. The kitchen cabinets can be given a shiny, sleek finish or a rustic, distressed finish, glazing and antiquing are also other options. Thus we have a vast range of choices and flexibility with paint, though it is quiet a tough job.

Remember to remove the kitchen cabinet door and hinges before one starts painting. Also mask off the area around the cabinets of the kitchen before starting to paint. However this is the lowest cost option all one will need to invest in are paints, primer, and painting supplies.

Cabinet Re-facing

For cabinet re-facing one can visit the local hardware store and get the doors of the kitchen cabinets replaced. After replacing the doors a new layer of veneerneeds to be applied over the existing cabinetry which will perfectly match the new doors and drawers. However this could be an expensive process but not as expensive as a full tearout and replace of the entire kitchen cabinet and the time consumed is also less than that of a complete remodel.

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If one is looking for a cheaper and quicker option this is the best solution amongst the other two, time and money wise. This process would involve sanding the kitchen cabinets, cleaning them thoroughly, staining them completely until the colour is satisfying and then a clear coat is applied over it. Refinished kitchen cabinets improve the entire look of the kitchen and also not to forget that one can add a new hardware to the doors and drawers to enhance the new look.

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