L Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

L Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

The L shape kitchen layout is one of the most popular kitchen layouts used today. An L shape kitchen comprises of two adjoining counter-tops perpendicular to each other, forming an “L”.

In any space setting, large or small, L shaped kitchens are an excellent choice as they are spacious enough to allow more than one cook at a time. The L shape ensures that the kitchen workers don’t get in each others way. L Shape kitchens can be designed to incorporate a kitchen island as well. The inclusion of the island makes for a more involving kitchen atmosphere.

Ideal if you have young children who need help to be helped with there homework while you cook a delicious lunch for them.

Design Ideas

Luxus range of Modular Kitchens

It is only in an L shaped kitchen that one would complain of having too much counter space. This could be solved by having stylish cabinets on counter tops, they not only add aesthetic to the kitchen but also provide additional storage. This also helps in cutting down the clutter that could otherwise appear when there is too much counter space outside the work triangle.


Instead of having miles of counter space, have a freestanding custom-designed china cabinet at the end of the L, this helps cut down the space.

It is said that sometimes a square island works better than a rectangle island.


If there is no room for a main sink in one of the legs of the L, then put it in the island. This makes the work triangle very tight and yet allows room for entertainment, since it would have seating on two sides.

Expert Advice 

Luxus Modular Kitchen Ideas for Indian Homes

If one needs a kitchen with huge storage capacity is the L-shaped kitchen is the best option for the maximum amount of wall cabinets one can have in the L shape kitchen.


If one has limited space in area and storage in L-shaped kitchen then adding a pot rack frees up space in a base cabinet.

It is known widely that, the L-shaped kitchen has a huge island, main sink on one wall, range on the other, and prep sink in the island. This creates at least two overlapping work triangles, allowing for multiple cooks to work at the same time and can also have the guest seating at the island this helps ease up the kitchen space into a fun space. The L shaped kitchens can be fitted in smaller spaces with a small island and a perp sink, but will have to cut down and the seating at this island.


If there is no room for an island and kitchen table, or if there is no dining room at all, then an L-shaped kitchen with a table instead of an island is a great solution. The kitchens will still have plenty of counter space.

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Learn about Island Kitchens

Often the L is broken by a doorway to another room or a hidden pantry sometimes and this break in the L allows for a tall wall of cabinets on one leg.


A broken L-shape is a great solution if one wants to use a variety of countertop materials. There are kitchen with both galley kitchens and an L at the same time. The broken L with and island forms three different stations: prep, cooking and clean-up. Multiple cooks could work easily in this kitchen and never bump into each other.

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