Get creative and create an illusion to make your small kitchen appear bigger. Do not feel trapped in your tiny kitchen, it is time to put your creativity to use and have a highly functional spacious kitchen.

Buying a home with an ideal kitchen is on every home buyer’s list. However, not everyone is lucky to that airy and spacious kitchen. We bring you simple and creative ways to make your kitchen space appear larger, and will also make a statement.

Clear glass partitions to open up small kitchen

Allow the sunshine in your kitchen:

Sunshine not only brings brightness to your life, but also brightens your kitchen. Open up those windows and allow the sun to shine into your kitchen and create an illusion of a spacious kitchen.

Light up and feel spacious:

For those who have minimal source of natural light coming into their kitchen, you can always opt for overhead LED lights. Below are a few lighting options that will brighten up and make your kitchen appear bigger:

How to achieve a beautiful utility small kitchen

In most little homes, the small kitchen is the main focus for activity. It works as an area to gather & talk on Sunday news whereas simultaneously being able to make preparations for brunch or dinner. Kitchen ideas for these area units are notably difficult not only to style but also to figure out

Layout: A sensible layout augments the utilization of space. Furthermore, it ought to make cleaning and care easier, particularly in frequently used zones. We

Seamless flooring to expand small kitchen space

Learn about how to Design a Ergonomic Kitchen.

Mirrored backsplash to enlarge small kitchen space

Flush mount lights:

For low ceiling in your small kitchen, this type of lighting can be a perfect solution to keep your small space looking graceful.


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Compact appliances to maximize small kitchen space

Recessed lighting:

This type of lighting works best for small kitchen and even other small spaces. It provides a smooth ceiling profile and can light any area efficiently.


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Under the cabinet lights:

These little lights are space conscious and do not take up additional space. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, under the cabinet lights can the most used lighting.

Neutral color palette to expand small kitchen area

Add gloss – create illusion:

Install gloss cabinets in the base your kitchen, as it creates an illusion of bigger space, due to reflection of surfaces/flooring.

Make your small kitchen appear bigger with smart storage solutions

Storage in drawers instead of cupboards:

Choosing drawers over cupboards are the best option to be smart and add sleek, effective storage. For a fact, drawers are more operational compared to cupboards. Wide deep drawers are ideal to find what you are looking for, instead of pulling everything out to reach that mug lying at the end of the cupboard.

Optimize space in small kitchen with clever storage solutions

Choose handle-less drawers over doors:

Handle less designed drawers creates a simplified and efficient flow to the kitchen units. The result of these types of drawers is a chic, clutter-free look. Also, handle-less drawers stops the interference with the composition of the kitchen and adds a classy and seamless look to the kitchen.

Opt for handle-less drawers over doors in small kitchen

Camouflage you Kitchen:

Paint your cabinets the same color as your kitchen walls. This will create a sort of a camouflage, which will give an appearance of more space.


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Camouflage your kitchen with color to blend in seamlessly

Tint of lighter colors:

Choose light color, such as white, grey or even pastel colors to make the space give an airy feel.
Two simplest tips to follow to choose paint for your walls – 1) use a low contrast color scheme and 2) paint your wall to white. Can it get any easier?

Make your small kitchen appear bigger with under-cabinet lighting

Hang mirror and Mirror Artwork:

Hanging mirrors or mirror artwork will help in creating the same illusion as the glass cabinets. Mirrors reflect light and space, making the kitchen appear larger than it already is. Also, installing reflective mirror backsplash tiles would be great bonus as well.


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Make your small kitchen appear bigger with multi-functional furniture

Hang it up to create a sense of more space:

Instead of laying utensils down on the kitchen counter, opt to hanging them instead. This will help reduce the footprint on the kitchen counters tops and will help your kitchen look clutter-less and spacious. Integrated appliances results in flushed vertical surfaces.

Make your small kitchen appear bigger with glass cabinet doors

Don’t add, only subtract:

The more you take away from your small kitchen, the more room you are making for yourself. Therefore, remove the dining table in your kitchen and subtract the idea of building an island in your small kitchen. Make room to pace in the kitchen and enjoy the free space.


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Make your small kitchen appear bigger by choosing compact appliances

Compact appliances are a big deal!:

Make it easier and more convenient to prepare meals and clean up after. Opt for a slim fridge or an under-counter fridge instead of a regular sized fridge.
Install your compact microwave on a ledge, instead of laying it on the counter. See the wonders!


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