5 Creative Ideas for Kitchen Lighting [Expert Ideas]

5 Creative Ideas for Kitchen Lighting [Expert Ideas]

Kitchen lighting can add a whole new dimension to your modular kitchen design. When done right, proper ambient lighting in the kitchen can give your cooking-dining area a completely new refreshing feel. So we recommend you take the time out and consider all your lighting options.

Read the below blog written by our experts to be better able to plan for giving your kitchen the perfect lighting.

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Light your kitchen where required

Everyone wants a warm and merry kitchen. But sometimes we do get a bit carried away when creating one. Avoid the temptation to light every cabinet and open space in your kitchen. Every fixture need not have a light of its own. Generally over-lighting happens when you overdo the cabinet lighting. Avoid it at all costs, you will also save a lot of money on lighting fixtures in this way.

Character and Task Lighting

The primary reason for lights in the kitchen is to – well see what you are doing of course and also give a personality or character feel to your kitchen. You will require task lighting for daily regime in preparing sustenance for the family. We recommend you get a cabinet spot lighting fixtures (only where needed) as they are absolutely non-obtrusive and are pretty cost effective as well.

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Get Creative with Lighting

Lighting offers you with ample opportunities for letting your creativity flow. At your kitchen island, for instance, you can add a lighting fixture underneath the island unit to create the illusion of a floating table. Ask you interior designer for more creative ideas, if you have run out of ideas yourself. Remember, creative lighting need not be burn a hole in your pocket, after all true creativity means you can do more with less.

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Use Directional Lights

Use directional lighting fixtures to make clever use of your cabinets glossy surface. With directional lights you can reflect the light back into your room using your glossy cabinets, which can help create the illusion of more space. Another good idea would be to use lighting fixtures inside your glass cabinets.

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Different types of Kitchen Layouts

Overall Kitchen Lighting Layout

For overall kitchen lighting scheme, first consider what kind of lighting you would prefer – even or uneven. Home makers sometimes tend to make the mistake of focusing on the character and task lighting while not giving the proper attention to the overall lighting scheme.

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