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Q. The alcove in our hallway has the following dimensions: length=1960mm, height=2270mm and depth=ONLY 380mm. Is it possible to install a LUXUS system in such a shallow opening which would be practical and contain clothes hangers as well as shelves for shoes, etc?

A. LUXUS’s sliding door systems require 90mm depth to work properly. Therefore a depth of 380mm gives an additional 290mm of space. This space can be accommodated with hangers going across which would allow for the hanging of clothes parallel to the front doors. Shoes (in the case of large sizes) can be stored on special net shelves or bars mounted diagonally. These solutions can be viewed on our website in the accessories section of our online product gallery.

Q. Is it possible to order sliding doors with perforated board inserts? What are the approximate costs for doors with these kinds of inserts?

A. LUXUS ’s line of door inserts includes laminated board, mirror (graphite, silver and brown), and clear glass, Lacobel (Lacquered glass). This vast range of inserts allows our customers to choose the best design solutions for every room and to express individual taste and creativity. The final price of doors is based on the materials used. To design your own sliding doors or entire wardrobe system and see how much they would cost we invite you to try our online design software on our website.

Q. My hallway has dimensions 3×1.7m and it joins three rooms. There are white doors in two of the openings, while the third one has none and it is not possible to install a new door frame with ordinary doors. This is one reason why I am interested in sliding doors which can be hidden into the walls. Does LUXUS offer such doors?

A. Yes, LUXUS offers the Single Sliding Door Aluminum System which ideally serves the purpose of so called “room dividing doors”. This system is currently available in aluminum. It requires installing the bottom track in the door opening and the top track on part of the wall. Profile colors and inserts can be chosen from LUXUS ’s entire range.

Q. Are so called dust stopping brushes included with sliding doors or do I have to additionally pay for this product?

A. Buffer strips or glazing strips (brushes) are individually priced components but their price is relatively minimal in these types of orders.

Q. What are the possible sizes for doors with milk glass or mirror? The height of the room where the wardrobe will be installed is 260cm and we would like to install some shelves.

A. The height of doors filled with milk glass is up to 2500mm excluding door dividing components and 2741mm including door dividing components. Doors with mirrors are up to 2741mm in height.

Q. Are the tracks which doors slide on installed directly on the floor and ceiling? What I am concerned about is if any damage is left behind on the installation area if the sliding door system is moved to a different place.

A. Depending on the construction of the ceiling and floor, top and bottom tracks are installed using either screws or glue. In certain situations, it is possible to install bottom tracks to the floor using self-adhesive double sided tape which minimizes contact with floor and ceiling surfaces.

Q. Do you offer furniture solutions for washrooms such as cabinets and bathtub systems?

A. Yes, LUXUS does offer solutions for washrooms; however, because of the specific and difficult settings in these areas (e.g. high humidity) the range of materials available is limited. Customers interested in our solutions for washrooms are encouraged to contact one of our designers who will help in selecting the right materials and in finding the best washroom furniture setup.

Q. I have an alcove in which I would like to install a sliding door wardrobe. The room will be painted in vivid green and the furniture is made from light materials like maple and beech. What kind of wardrobe (color and materials) would best match this room setting?

A. It is recommended to match wardrobe colors to furniture currently in the room such as using maple and/or beech laminated board for door inserts. To give a more modern look it is better to choose an aluminum system like Lazuryt. Another suggestion is using graphite mirror in at least one of the doors since this will add life to the room and give the wardrobe a “light” effect.

Q. Are there available security features on KOMANDOR sliding doors to prevent them from being opened, for example, by a child?

A. KOMANDOR systems can have stoppers installed, which make sliding doors more difficult (especially for small children). A much better method though would be the installation of a lock which is provided as an optional feature.

Q. I am interested in a wardrobe 4m in width with two large mirrors, 120×250 each. My concern is safety. These are large surfaces and I would like to know if they are safe when hit. I have a 5 year old child and am worried about the possible dangers of such a wardrobe.

A. All mirrors we carry have a shatter-resistant construction where a reinforcement sheet is bonded to the mirror preventing chipping and increasing its strength. You can be confident that your children are safe!

Q. We converted our attic into a living space and have some room for a wardrobe. Because of the limited space we would like to install a sliding door system. Is this possible with a slanted ceiling?

A. LUXUS ’s line of products contains furniture solutions including slanted doors for sloping ceiling. They are available in our full line of profiles and insert colors. More information about our slanted door systems can be found in the PRODUCTS section.

Q. The home I bought has the living room connected with the kitchen (the opening is 2/3 of the longer kitchen wall, about 2-2.5m). I would like to install sliding doors in this space instead of a partition wall. Can this be done and what would the project cost?

A. LUXUS offers KOMANDOR systems which can be used as room dividing doors. The best solution for this situation would be an aluminum system on a single track or the Magnetyt Steel System. The project cost depends on which system and materials are selected. To find out the exact price please contact a LUXUS designer who will help with designing the project, provide useful advice and all details.

Q. I have a bedroom with dimensions 3.6×2.4m. One of the shorter walls has a window and the door is on one of the longer walls. On the opposite longer wall which doesn’t have a door there is a larger room. I would like to wall in the opening where there is currently a door and demolish the wall separating the two rooms to install sliding doors in its place. There will be a bed with dimensions 150x210cm against the longer wall in the bedroom. Is this a good idea and can it be realized?

A. Certainly this project can be realized. Using sliding doors will save the space required to open normal doors. However, this setup requires one of the walls besides the opening in either room to be used for sliding the door open over it. This should be taken into consideration when deciding which room the sliding door will be installed in. This detail can be significant if the opening dimensions are relatively large. One work around to this problem is to create a pocket for the door from plasterboard which the doors will hide inside when opened. This solution will however raise the project cost and also take up some extra area in the room. The Agat Aluminum System would be a recommended choice for this type of construction due to its symmetrical shape. Another attractive feature of Agat is the freedom to use a combination of door inserts in one door such as milk glass with particle board. When choosing these details, take into consideration the design schemes in both rooms.

Q. I would like to install a sliding door wardrobe in my hallway. Unfortunately, the floor is slightly sloped. I’m afraid that these types of doors will slide by themselves because of the floor. Are there any solutions for this situation?

A. To prevent doors from sliding by themselves like in the case of slanted floors, KOMANDOR has designed an accessory called stoppers. This product is hidden from view once installed in top tracks and can universally be used in all KOMANDOR systems. Stoppers keep doors in one place.

Q. I would like to install a coat rack on one of the wardrobe walls for hanging suits. What should the minimum spacing between rods be so that suits can be easily hung on both top and bottom racks? Also, what should the minimum distance between rods and walls be so that suits fit?

A. The measurements regarding hanger rod spacing are based on the clients’ individual needs and depend on the size of suits. The average height between hanger rods for suits is from 1000 to 1200mm while depth (from back wall) is from 250 to 300mm.

Q. Is it possible to install KOMANDOR systems in areas where there are uneven walls or ceilings?

A. Installation of KOMANDOR’s sliding doors involves door regulation which can eliminate minor gaps between doors and uneven surfaces, where necessary, special strips for walls and ceilings can also be used for masking gaps. Our designer will determine how large the gaps between the uneven surfaces are at the time of measurement and suggest several solutions.

Q. I’m looking for sliding doors for an alcove with width=190cm and height=248cm. I heard about the Agat System and would like to know where I can find more information.

A. More information about our systems (steel and aluminum) can be found on our website in the PRODUCTS section.

Q. I would like to install a sliding door system on one wall (height=2.5m, length=~6m) from floor to ceiling. I was considering using two doors. Is this setup possible?

A. Using such large doors (2.5x3m each) is not possible for several reasons. First of all, the maximum width for doors is 1200mm (using laminated board inserts). Doors larger than this would put excessive force on the rails and also cause possible problems with the functionality of the rolling components. In your case the best solution would be to use six doors (1000mm each) on double tracks. Glass inserts can be used to add a “light” effect.

Q. Can a wardrobe be installed between plaster walls?

A. Yes, a space with properly installed or finished with plaster walls allows for the installation of a LUXUS wardrobe system.

Q. In the corner of my hallway there is a 100x110cm space in which I would like to install a wardrobe containing a hanger rod and shelves. Is there any possible setup for my situation?

A. Yes, there are indeed solutions to accommodate your space. I would recommend, for example, using the Rod System connected to shelves. However, before continuing with the project and to receive a cost appraisal, you should have one of our designers visit your location

Q. I would like to install a wardrobe in the corner of a small room (3.5×2.25m). The corner has the following dimensions: both walls=84cm and diagonal (where sliding doors would be installed) =120cm. I would like the doors to use milk glass and have 3 horizontal divisions in each door. The room height is 2.5m. Is this project possible and is the idea of a corner wardrobe a good idea?

A. A corner wardrobe is possible to create however this choice is not the best for optimally making use of space for storage. This setup is good for customers who are more concerned with the rest of the space in the room rather than a capacious wardrobe. Please contact a LUXUS designer who will help in finding a solution for your rooms and after an exact measurement of your space will propose the best choice.

Q. How are sliding door wardrobes installed? How are components mounted to walls?

A. Wardrobe installations depend on the selection of components to be used. For example side walls and interior free-standing walls, shelves, floor and ceiling bases are connected together using triangular connectors fixed with screws. In the case of installing the previously named components or tracks to walls, floors and ceilings, wall anchors are used. Interior wardrobe walls are mounted to alcove walls, floors and ceilings in most installations and wardrobe components are then mounted to them. – See more at: http://www.luxus-india.com/index/faq#sthash.V7vdGbjo.dpuf

Q. Can I install a wardrobe in areas with slanted roofs such as in a bedroom in the attic and how can I make the best use of the space?

A. Most configurations require custom solutions. The systems offered by LUXUS help create easy solutions for our clients’ needs. Because of the complexity of configurations with slated surfaces, it is recommended to contact one of our designers, who can help design the project while providing expert advice and tips.


Our Mission

LUXUS will provide European quality customized furniture at affordable prices, with a great experience. We promise no more carpenter hassles.

Our Factory

To accomplish our mission we set up a modern factory in collaboration with KOMANDOR, a European leader, selling in 42 countries.
Our state of the art factory is built as per the guidelines given by KOMANDOR. All key machines are CNC German machines for high precision and repeatable quality.
The factory in Hyderabad is set up in a 4 acres plot. The CAD/ CAM software enabled process from design to dispatch ensures tight integration between showrooms in different cities and our factory in Hyderabad. At each work center the quality is checked before the components are sent forward to the next wrk center. The quality checks are recorded by the software scanning the bar codes.

First Time in India

  • India’s first specialized factory for sliding door wardrobes

  • India’s first furniture factory with European collaboration

  • India’s first custom furniture company with CAD/ CAM software enabled process from design to dispatch

  • India’s first chain of stores for customised sliding door wardrobes


The flagship showroom in Hyderabad was started in Jan 2011. Within 4 years are network of showrooms has grown rapidly. We have 13 showrooms in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Calicut, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore and Pune.

13 Showrooms, 8 Cities


“LUXUS Certified Designers” provide custom furniture design services. They carefully listen to understand customer requirements. They adopt an interactive design process, to custom design wardrobes, kitchens, TV units and other storage solutions. They are trained in the KOMANDOR proprietary design software to translate the customer needs into a good balance of functionality, aesthetic choices and budget. They provide 3D views to help the customer to visualize their furniture and to provide feedback on the designs.

“LUXUS Certified Installers” provide professional installation services.

They are trained in the factory and equipped with special tools to ensure quick installation with good finish.


LUXUS is now a well recognized brand as experts in sliding door wardrobes. Using KOMANDOR’s proprietary 3D visualization CAD software we are able to design any kind of customized storage home furniture solution for bedrooms, living room, pantry, kitchen, home study and bathrooms. For example our products include wardrobes, modular kitchens, crockery units, TV entertainment units, beds, dresser units, bathroom vanities, shoe racks, puja units….and also room sliding partitions.

Business Model

The key features of our business model are:

  • Franchise based business

  • Low investment

  • Small stores 1000- 2500 SFT

  • Zero inventory business

  • Custom designed home furniture- made to order

  • Hassle free experience- Design to Installation

Media Recognition

LUXUS has received significant media appreciation in the last 4 years. We have been recognized as an innovative company.

  • OUTLOOK MONEY rated LUXUS as one of the top 15 hot franchise business offers in India.

  • RETAILER rated LUXUS as one of the top 25 HOT CONCEPTS in India.

  • ENTREPRENEUR featured a 2 page LUXUS success story.