February 10, 2015

Structured to organise

The kids’ room, tidy and organized? Impossible, you think, as you order it yet again. But what if you provided a storage system with wardrobes, shelves and study table that allowed the kids to easily order their books, art and craft materials, toys, games or sports materials? Wall-to-wall storage systems help optimize usage of space,…

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Caring for wooden furniture

Quality wood furnishings are an investment that one expects to last a lifetime. To maintain its natural beauty and protect the investment, wooden furniture needs the right care. Thus taking care of wood and wooden furniture goes far beyond cleaning and dusting. Wood reacts to environmental changes, such as moisture, temperature and light. The wood…

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Practical use of house entrance area

How to organize important spaces at home… It is often found that spaces in our homes, which are most important and crucial for easy and organized living filled with clutter or unwanted stuff. This makes your living spaces disorganized and requires more efforts to do simple tasks at home. Let’s take one of the mostimportant…

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