Structured to organise

The kids’ room, tidy and organized? Impossible, you think, as you order it yet again. But what if you provided a storage system with wardrobes, shelves and study table that allowed the kids to easily order their books, art and craft materials, toys, games or sports materials?

Wall-to-wall storage systems help optimize usage of space, even in the smallest of rooms. Smart use of small or big shelves, baskets and drawers can be used according to the needs of a child: it can create an environment of self-discipline too, without any pressure.

Some guidelines:

  • Use spaces under staircases or in lofts accessible by a ladder: kids find them fun.
  • Have some open shelves: they make it easy for kids to put away and collect things when they are rushing to school or to play.
  • Allocate easily accessible space for large sports material, using requisite accessories such as hooks or rods to support hockey bats, etc.
  • Provide hooks on the wall for hanging jackets and caps, etc.
  • Study tables with small shelves and storage below and above allow children to keep things handy while they study.
  • A whiteboard or stick-on board helps kids in putting up reminders, school notices or friends/siblings birthdays.

Provide enough plug points for lamps, i-pod charger and so on.

“Organized spaces make for peace and calm: children learn to achieve goals easily by keeping themselves organized,” says Pratima Gupta. “New age showrooms like Luxus provide complete design and manufacturing services as per your space availability.” So go ahead and renovate your kid’s room for as little as30,000!

Pratima Gupta, Interior design consultant,

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