Passage Way and Under Stairs – Organized and Practical

While living in Europe I had opportunity to visit some of my international friend’s homes. I was astonished to see how effectively the passage and hall way spaces were put to use  in most practical way.

We often wonder that can a passages way / hallway or under stair case area ever be considered as usage area?  It sounds unrealistic to even imagine that these spaces can be most effectively used if planned properly.

It is becoming increasingly popular to use large left out areas in passage or under stairs inhomes. It can offers extra storage for kids, guest or even books cloths / towels even appliances.

Some practical ideas and pictures:

  • Make vertical wardrobes in passage of the hall entrance, Kitchen or between bedrooms
  • Make square shelves to store extra stuff like towels, bed sheet, sports clothing of entire family or extra/party shoes/sleepers
  • Use storage under staircase, most effective for on ’n’ off usage
  • Make long vertical storage for children’s sports equipment, vacuum cleaner,iron table or store clothes which need ironing
  • They also can be used for extra crockery if there is no space for credenza in dining area
  • Putting mirror in one of the storage door panel helps quick check while walking out
  • Providing an organised space for neat looking dustbin will be a great help for family members to stop throwing papers / wrapper and junk around the house.
  • Create a space for washing basket where all even guests can throw the cloths for washing.

Shrinking spaces in today’s modern homes forces one to think smartly using most neglected areas effectively for daily usage.Now guests can be easily accommodated or even kids sleep-over parties are not the matter of worry as lots of extra bed sheet, thin mattresses can be easily stored. Kids and other family members will find easy to take out and put in stuff.

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Writer, Pratima Gupta is a senior interior designer at Luxus and guest faculty at NIFT. She can be reached at her email:

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