Practical use of house entrance area

How to organize important spaces at home…

It is often found that spaces in our homes, which are most important and crucial for easy and organized living filled with clutter or unwanted stuff. This makes your living spaces disorganized and requires more efforts to do simple tasks at home.

Let’s take one of the mostimportant spacesat home like the entrance area –

We tend to forgot cell phone/purseor keys before leaving home in the as phone is charging in the bedroom or things are lying in dressing table drawer. Well, pretty common!

It makes easy if we have some organized entrance area at inside the house. To avoid hunting important thing at the last moment one can think of life style family members have and design the spaces accordingly. An independent and tension free mind is important while leaving the house. A day becomes easy and smooth if things are organized for morning at home.

For instance provide:

  • Few open shelves, drawers, Key holder or small table helps keeping thing at the entrance itself which need every time going out or coming in
  • Plug points for charging mobile etc. so that they can be kept for charging in the morning and do not forget in last moment
  • Large shelves helps keeping kids school, office bags
  • Small and open shoe rack works best for daily shoes/sleepers along with a small seating bench for tying the shoe laces
  • Cardboard boxes could be used for extra shoes, which can be stored in shelving unit.
  • A unit that with place for hooks and a rod for hangers for jackets, coats, shawls, caps, small bags for shoes and kids school sports etc.
  • A low height hooks and shelves help kids to access and organize their own things, and clutter does not enter the house
  • And probably a place for picture of favorite god, mother, kids or some flowers, there will be enough reason to smile while leaving home.


It is important to organize the house entrance to avoid unnecessary items bringing inside the house. Also it helps when you have guests or parties, guest get plenty of secure place to leave their belongings while attending the gathering.

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Pratima Gupta, Head of Interior Designat Luxusand guest faculty at

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