Guide for Designing the Perfect Living Room [Design Ideas]

Guide for Designing the Perfect Living Room [Design Ideas]

Getting ready to give your living room a makeover? But hold on a second. How about some professional advice before starting? Follow the tips given below to give your living room a brand new look and feel.

Analyse and Plan

Before starting, first analyse and understand how you spend time in the room. Everything, from the way the furniture is placed, how you enter the room, or go out of it, needs to be considered before deciding the layout. Make sure you place your furniture in such a way that one can easily move in or out of the room without going around the furniture much. Don’t cramp up the space and keep it in mind to ensure that there is not much space between the seating arrangements, so that conversations can flow freely.

Rearrange Judiciously

Make a layout on paper first, so you can visualize how things will look once you are done shifting things around. Keep a minimum of 2-4 feet of free space in the pathways for movement. Try a symmetric arrangement which takes up less space instead of an abstract arrangement.

Maintain Proper Scale

The size of the furniture you require needs to be decided by the size of  your room. Rule is to use bigger furniture pieces in smaller rooms and smaller and multiple pieces in larger rooms. Larger sized furniture will make small rooms seem more roomy and for smaller rooms, having many smaller pieces will give a cozy feel to the room.

Choose the Right Furniture

Do a lot of research before getting your living room furniture. You living room couch needs special attention as it is at the central focus point. The rest of the furniture in the room has to compliment the look of the sofa – in colour, size and styling. It is also advisable to bear in mind the number of people you usually entertainment on social occasions. So get the right amount of furniture.

Accommodate the TV Sensibly

No living room these days comes without a television. And with the television comes the modular tv unit you will need to house the television. Try and get a tv unit with ample cabinet options so you can quickly put those toys away when guests arrive. Ensure that your TV is placed atleast 5-6 feet away from the sofa for an optimal viewing experience. Mount your television at the proper height on the wall to avoid having to crane your neck too high while watching television.

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