Island Kitchens [Design Ideas]

Island Kitchens [Design Ideas]

Get creative and get yourself an island kitchen. Indian kitchens have already seen a face lift with different options available in the market with the coming of modular kitchens. You can customize the design of the island kitchen according to your requirements and functions. Placing an island or by my merely extending the countertop will give your kitchen a contemporary look. It’s time to do away with the traditional style of placing the cabinets only along the wall and wasting a chunk of space which can be otherwise utilized. An island can be formed by placing two or more cabinets adjacent to each other. Ideally a width of 24″ and a min length of 3ft will serve the purpose.

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Incorporating an island to your design

Island Kitchens with Storage Space

Island Kitchens with Seating / Dining Space

Island Kitchens with Appliances

Islands have gained importance for the following reasons:

  1. Adds more storage area with drawers and shelves.
  2. Kitchen islands can be a place for family time.
  3. With additional seating it can act as a place for dining.
  4. It gives larger worktop space for more people to work.
  5. Appliances such as stove or sink can be placed on the island.

Design considerations of an island- One needs to know that there should be sufficient space around the island to move while cooking. Another aspect is that the work triangle should not be disturbed. The concept of island can be well incorporated in your kitchen prioritising its functionality.

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