Designing a Small Modular Kitchen [Design Ideas]

Designing a Small Modular Kitchen [Design Ideas]

Homes are getting smaller and so is the modular kitchen. Innovative and smart ideas to make the space functional should be given the utmost care. Having a small space can be taken in a positive way since you can choose the best of kitchen cabinetry and accessories while designing. Choosing a modular kitchen layout wisely is the first and foremost task. Keep in mind that every inch in your kitchen needs to be efficiently utilized with smart storage systems. Hence adopting a modular kitchen is the best solution to those facing a problem with less floor space for their kitchen.

Deciding and designing the kitchen layout needs to be done in a professional way. The important attributes for efficient kitchen design are: strong women how to pull up correctly on a horizontal bar bindi irwin – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

  • use of storage accessories
  • integrated appliances
  • optimal lighting
  • color and finish scheme
  • appropriate modular kitchen design layout

Kitchen layout and storage

The most preferred layout for a very small kitchen space is the galley layout. For a slightly bigger space L and U shape layout will also work. And for whatever type of layout you choose, modular kitchens come with a range storage cabinetry options. Modular kitchen design has today evolved to an extent that even corner spaces need not go waste. For utilizing tricky corner spaces in the modular kitchen, today one can choose from many different types of corner storage cabinet options.

Now you needn’t waste the corner spaces in your kitchen. Click here to discover more exciting kitchen corner cabinet storage options.

While designing a small modular kitchen the overhead space can be utilized for storage purposes. Not so frequently used stuff can be placed inside the overhead cabinets. But one needs to keep in mind that all four walls should not have overhead cabinets since it will make the kitchen look cramped and heavy.

Interior design

You can creatively work on the interior design of the kitchen by adopting the right color and finish. The color and the finish you opt for the kitchen cabinets have a great impact on the look of your kitchen. Cool colors make the room look larger and airy. To give your kitchen a sleek and contemporary look use high gloss finish for the cabinets since they have a high reflective property giving an openness vibe. Choice of glass in place of wooden panels gives an illusion of depth making the kitchen look more spacious.


Unique lighting ideas can enhance your kitchen space. To add visual interest, avoid cluttering the walls; instead have tall windows for sufficient daylight to enter. If you opt for artificial lighting there is a wide range of options for general lighting and task lighting. For a small kitchen design, under cabinet lights and recessed lights work well to improve the functionality of the space and brighten up your countertops.

Choosing the right countertop is important because that is where most of the work is done. Learn about the best way to choose your countertop space and the 10 most common design mistakes to avoid.


Keep the countertops clean and uncluttered by assigning shelves or cabinets for the appliances. It is always better to opt for built in appliances while designing a small kitchen. Most of the appliances such as oven, washing machines, dishwasher, fridge etc can be well integrated seamlessly to suit the design of the kitchen saving a lot of space.

For a totally stylish and sophisticated small kitchen design, incorporating few things that are listed would definitely help you achieve your dream kitchen that is inviting and fun-filled to work. Sometimes less is more!

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