Bedroom Renovation: Wardrobe Choices [Design Ideas]

Bedroom Renovation: Wardrobe Choices [Design Ideas]

Thinking of getting a new wardrobe? For most people, when it comes to renovation, their main concern in either renovating the kitchen or bathroom or living room. Wardrobes don’t usually come into the picture. Getting a customized wardrobe design is the best way to create more space in your existing bedroom area.

Over the years, one tends to accumulate an assortment of sentimentally important but, otherwise not very useful things. But memories take up space, and if you want your bedroom to offer you more, it is best to get your old cupboard replaced with a customized bedroom sliding door wardrobe.

The below article is written to help you decide from among 2 of the most popular bedroom wardrobe renovation ideas  – the walk-in wardrobe or the more versatile sliding door wardrobe.

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Planning for Change

Planning as always is the key to space maximization in your bedroom. It is especially true for small sized bedroom where space is quite literally at a premium. Depending on your bedroom size you can either decide on a walk-in(better for larger room) or a smaller sliding door wardrobe. Sliding door are a great innovation and has great space saving potential.

The customization option enables hassle free installation of your new wardrobe. The modern manufacturing process, such as the one employed by LUXUS enables very precisely made products, without the hassle of the carpenter setting up shop in your most private space.

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Walk-in Wardrobe

These are best used in bedroom where space is not a concern. As the years go on, people tend to keep buying new storage furniture to increase their space. But this creates a mismatch of styles and also reduces the area for free movement. In effect it reduces the size of your bedroom and makes it cluttered.

This is where walk-in wardrobes offer an advantage. A walk-in wardrobe can be built with a range of accessories which are suited to make the most of your entire wall space from ceiling to floor. And you needn’t be as tall as a basketball player to reach the items on top, you can pull them down to your level.

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Take care to provide proper lighting in your walk-ins. Ideally keep the light switch outside, so you don’t stumble inside in the dark. Place the light source in the centre of the ceiling. Walk-in wardrobes shouldn’t have windows as they take up valuable wall storage space and let in sunlight  that could overtime fade the colors of your clothes. Ventilation is important and can be provided by ceiling ventilation systems.

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Sliding Door Wardrobe

A sliding door wardrobe offer excellent space utilization for smaller sized bedrooms. It has the advantage of taking up less bedroom floor area than a walk-in wardrobe, while still giving excellent storage capacity. One way they save space is that unlike hinge doors, sliding doors don’t swing out into the room and thus don’t take up valuable space.

Sliding door wardrobes can even be used for large sized bedrooms. One advantage they have over walk-ins is that, walk-ins need 3 walls to be set up and essentially work out to be a separate room by themselves taking up precious floor space. So ask yourself, which one you would prefer.

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Additionally a sliding door wardrobe can have 2, 3 or even 4 sliding doors. Take the help of a wardrobe expert to decide on the dimensions of your wardrobe. A wardrobe expert is also best equipped to advise you on the best option for your particular needs – whether to choose a sliding door wardrobe or choose a walk-in wardrobe.

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