Why Choose a Galley Kitchen Layout [Design Ideas]

Why Choose a Galley Kitchen Layout [Design Ideas]

A galley kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts consisting of two work spaces running parallel to each other. This is the most efficient layout for a narrow kitchen space. This style of kitchen design was originally from kitchens on ships and airplanes, where finding space for kitchen is difficult, and was called Galley otherwise also known as corridor kitchen layout.

The style of kitchen layout was first seen on ships and later became popular on airplanes as well. The narrow aisle spaces found on ships and airplanes made the galley layout the perfect solution for their kitchen space layout. The term “galley” in fact originated from the sea faring vessels of ancient and medieval times which were propelled mainly by oars and sometimes had sails.

The length of the galley kitchen can be extended as per individual needs and can be divided into different work spaces.

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Create An Illusion Of Space

Galley kitchen have an open ended design which helps to give a feeling of open space in a limited area. Modern designs to these kitchens are often narrow and the cabinets/drawers are installed continually next to one another in a line.

Choosing bright and reflective colors using steel appliances can help maximize the light by way of more reflective surfaces.

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Galley kitchens can make good use of the wall space by integrating floor-to-ceiling cabinets after the counter-top height. It might get a difficult to reach the top cabinets, so to make reaching things easier, install cabinets with a pull down option which does not require you to be a tall person.

One can also install additional hanging options along the wall like – magnetic holders for your knives and ladles to save more space on you counter-top and keep it from cluttering.

Hanging racks that hold pots, pans, dishes etc. are often installed to cut down the space used in cabinets and helps in increasing storage space.

The Work Triangle

Every kitchen needs a well functioning kitchen triangle for smooth working in the kitchen. The kitchen triangle is basically the area comprising of your sink, your stove and the work area. The basic kitchen work triangle can be placed anywhere by the side of the length of the galley kitchen provided you keep the essentials grouped together. An equilateral triangle works best with two elements on one wall and the third centred between them on the opposite wall.

Benefits of a Galley Kitchen

  • Great for small kitchen spaces
  • Saves area in your house for other rooms
  • Provides easy accessibility to items
  • Counter-tops on each side can be any length
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Drawbacks of a Galley Kitchen

  • Not a good idea if more than one cook present
  • No room for table and chairs
  • People passing through can cause a traffic jam

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