Floor to Ceiling Storage Spaces [Design Ideas]

Floor to Ceiling Storage Spaces [Design Ideas]

Floor to ceiling wardrobes with sliding doors are a brilliant solution to employ all the available space on your wall. Most times we are unable to use the full height of our walls for storage due to difficulty in reaching the top. Many times items are left out which leads them to gather dust and incur damage in the long run, and it also looks unsightly. Sliding door wardrobes come with a wide range of accessories and internal fittings which make the use of floor to ceiling wardrobes more viable.

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Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes for Small Rooms

If you are thinking that your small area is not well suited for a floor to ceiling wardrobe, think again. It might seem contradictory to common sense to install one in your home, but it actually works out better than a traditional hinge door wardrobe. Hinge doors need space at the front because they open outwards. This could be a problem if you want your wardrobe to be in a narrow space. Sliding doors don’t have this limitation. Floor to ceiling wardrobes will help you keep clean lines and flow in the room, maximize the storage opportunities and create the illusion of more space.

Floor to Ceiling Bookcases

Love books and keep buying a lot of them! How do you store them, is it taking up space on your bed and study table. Well you don’t have to keep them lying around your home taking up valuable sitting space. A floor to ceiling bookcase can be your solution to reclaim your bed and work desk from the pile of books and add a bit more class to your living. After all what is the point of all that knowledge if it does not show up in the tidiness of your surroundings. Put your book collection in a floor to ceiling cabinet and make your living area into the perfect book lovers abode. Also add some comfy couches if you don’t already have one.

Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinet units can help streamline your modular kitchen spaces. Created just like regular kitchen cabinets, a floor to ceiling kitchen system can be designed to integrate all your kitchen appliances. A floor to ceiling system means you can dispense with other wall mounted cabinet units. Floor to ceiling cabinets can be installed for any type of kitchen layout and works well even for small sized kitchens.

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