10 Modular Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid [Design Ideas]

10 Modular Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid [Design Ideas]

Looking to give a makeover to your modular kitchen design are we? Read this blog to find out about the 10 most common mistakes to avoid before building your dream kitchen.

Make a modular kitchen design with enough leg room

The sink, stove and refrigerator are the busiest areas of any modular kitchen design (also called the work triangle). In order of priority, you will probably spend the most time at the sink and need to have easy access to the stove and refrigerator. So install the sink close by to the stove and refrigerator. And make sure to give lots of leg room in the kitchen triangle or else people will be tripping over each other.

Not using storage cabinets

Really, get a modern storage unit already. Forget the plywood cupboards in your grandmother’s kitchen. There is such a huge range of options available, that you are sure to find options that suit your pocket. If your kitchen is small, go for extra-long, wall mounted kitchen cabinets for more space options. Employ the empty wall space above your refrigerator by installing a cabinet. Use kitchen corner units to better utilize kitchen corner spaces.

Now you needn’t waste the corner spaces in your kitchen. Click here to discover more exciting kitchen corner cabinet storage options.

Not giving attention to counter top space

Most kitchen activities will require a counter top and it is a good idea to invest in a heavy duty counter top. Think of all the cutting, chopping, scratching and banging you will be doing in your kitchen. Counter-tops are available in countless varieties these days. If you can afford it go for stone, granite or black marble top. You can even choose from engineered stone, wood and laminate options. Using a darker shade will help you see items better while working.

Poorly lit kitchen design

Cooking is serious business, plus there are lots of sharp objects in the kitchen, large and small appliances etc. So good lighting is very important, not only for seeing better but also for great cooking. Good ambient lighting has been shown to improve concentration and also the quality of the work being done. Choose led power saving lights which give adequate but soft lighting. You can also install under kitchen cabinet lighting additionally to ensure that the counters are properly lighted.

Ignoring Kitchen Backsplash Area

The area behind your stove tends to become greasy and difficult to clean over time. Ceramic tiles are the most popular and easy to clean option used in most modular kitchens, but you might want to check other options too. You can choose from stainless steel, glass, mirrored glass, engineered stone, granite, marble, polished plaster, composite, laminates. All these items come with their own set of pros and cons.

Kitchen backsplash options these days are aplenty. With such a wide range of options one is sure to find the best option according to one’s budget. Learn about the various modular kitchen backsplash options here.

Forgetting to ventilate

The ventilation system is an important part of your modular kitchen design. A kitchen needs the air to be changed frequently, nobody wants to the smell of yesterday’s cooking to linger. Invest in a good kitchen ventilation system, it will not only keep your kitchen air fresh, it will help keep your kitchen clean and also extend the life of some of your kitchen appliances.

Getting a Kitchen Island

Do you even need one? To be honest, kitchen islands do take up a lot of space. Try and avoid it if you have a small kitchen space. As long as you have a functional working kitchen triangle, you won’t really miss the having an island. Choosing the wrong kitchen island or placing it wrong can needlessly create clutter. You need to have enough space around the island to walk and work around.

Kitchen islands are a good idea if you have an open plan living plus dining room. Click here to learn more on the best ways to incorporate a kitchen island to your design.

Not thinking about trash management

While you are at it, why not plan for trash management as well. Recycling is here to stay, and you can also contribute in your own small way towards “Swaatch Bharat” simply by organizing your trash. Incorporate trash sorting bins in your modular kitchen design to help you distribute various types of trash which will make it easier to recycle them.

Forgetting to be practical

The latest in design, technology and materials may not be the best. Getting your modular kitchen made is a long term investment and one that needs to last a considerable amount of time. Know your budget and decide if you are willing to go over-budget for a particle setup. Avoid being impulsive, because other you may end up with extra add-ons you don’t even need. Be practical when deciding about all the different elements of your kitchen.

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Not asking for Expert Advice

Getting it right can be hard, even with all the research you have been doing. Asking a modular kitchen expert to help you create your kitchen can save you a lot of time, money, effort and above all worry.

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