Wardrobe Design Key Clothing Dimension [Expert Ideas]

Wardrobe Design Key Clothing Dimension [Expert Ideas]

Wardrobe design involves a great deal of thought and your wardrobe designer should be informed of all the things that go into it. Wardrobes are also called closets in some western countries including USA. A wardrobe has to be designed not just for today, one need to keep in mind that extra storage space ought to be considered for future as well. For a well organized and neatly arranged wardrobe, your clothes and other items need to be segregated into different sections.

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  • Long hanging clothes – Dresses, trousers
  • Short hanging clothes – shirts, skirts, blouses
  • things that will go on shelves – folded clothes, towels, shoes
  • and those that are kept in drawers- accessories and other small things

For maximum utilization of space, a detailed study of all the items that go into your wardrobe has to be done. While designing the internal layout of the wardrobe, items outfit dimension need to be considered. Below is a pictorial representation of each.

Apart from general clothing, storage of blankets, shoes, handbags, suitcases and big boxes also need to be taken care of. Table shows the measurements for each of the item.

Items Width(mm) Depth(mm)
Men’s shoes 225(avg) 250-350
Women’s shoes 175-200(avg) 225-275
Blankets 450-600 350-450
Towels/Sheets 350-400 350-400

For a smart and clever wardrobe design the dimensions of every item is important since it helps us to determine the space that needs to be allocated for storage. For example depending on the number and length of hanging clothes we need to decide the space required for the same and hence hanger rods. Therefore the individual dimensions are very crucial in the design of wardrobes.

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