Creating your Home Entertainment Zone

Creating your Home Entertainment Zone

There is more to creating the perfect home entertainment  center than a television and surround sound system. The biggest question you need to ask yourself when making your entertainment hub is what do I need and what can I do without.

Once the TV is in, you need to focus your energies on storage and organization.

Where to place the TV? Do I buy a stand or put it up on the wall?
Well you can do both at the same time. Get a TV unit with a big open space in between which you can use to hang your tv on the wall. You have a stand and you save some precious entertainment room real estate that way. Take care to keep your screen at eye level and at a central location.

Use open shelves

Do away with drawers. They take up more space and kind of have limited uses. Instead use wall bookcases and tv units which come with open shelves which you can use to put anything – books(arrange them by height for more space utilization), you movie collection, that terrible flower vase you in-laws gave you. Not only do open shelves more versatile, they help you declutter the room and you can also earn some brownie points because of the flower vase.

Use Small Cabinets

If getting a wall to wall tv unit solution is making you go over-budget, you can try out small cabinet options. Just hang you tv on the wall and put a shelve underneath to give your living room a complete look. It’s never a good idea to have empty space below your tv. It can be distracting while you are watching the screen.

Avoid over stuffing

Now be a little modest. You don’t have to show off you artefact collection. It’s your living room not a museum. Some things are better kept hidden. Put those kids’ toys, shells, stones, books nobody ever read out of the way. Employ sliding door options to save more space. You want your room to be clutter free.

Just follow these steps and you are ready to impress your pals with your very own entertainment zone.

As televisions have evolved so has the tv stand. Over the years the humble TV stand has undergone several updates to the the general design. For one they have lost the wheels which is a good feature anyday. Tv Stands are no longer just tables with tv’s kept on them around which the family congregates for watching the news anymore. TV Stands are now available with extra sophistication to spare and are very nearly works of art themselves with the added advantage of being a…….well…… stand.

Luxus offers a very wide range of Tv unit stands in various colours and finishes for your entertainment hub. To see our tv units range visit here.


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