Design the Wardrobe of your Dream

Design the wardrobe of your dream

You Design – You Order – You Relax – You Experience

We at LUXUS provide our customers personally designed wardrobe doors to suit their home spaces, also renovate the existing wardrobe. In general the need is been over looked because the pricing and expenses might get beyond the control but with LUXUS you can trust and spend only just as much as needed. Our highly skilled design team will ensure they have all the information they need before the production process starts, so that you can sit back and wait for your delivery.

Firstly we have to look at the space and find new innovative ways to make the most of it. Not necessarily you have to give up every time on your wardrobe design needs, just because the rooms are not perfectly square and your space not fitting into the limitations of a standard personalised wardrobe. You cannot keep changing your house just because you’re bored of the wardrobe so DIY your style of wardrobe little bit at a time will just make you feel better and give the room different looks. If not the entire wardrobe one can always opt to change the doors alone, also adding some design element on to the door resulting in an all new wardrobe with minimum expenses.

The best option recommended for any kind of room irrespective of this size is a sliding door wardrobe and LUXUS being an expert in Sliding Door Wardrobe does the best out the space given.

Indulge in sliding Bedroom wardrobe as they provide you with style, space, well organized stuff, extra space to accommodate your cosmetics, accessories, footwear etc. under one roof of furniture.  And they are available in a wide range of colours and materials, with such an unending variety to meet all your daily requirements and designing needs. They are comfortable for all the age groups, men, women and old people.

Expert Advice 

Choose the Perfect Wardrobe for your Home

Bestow a clutter free bedroom wardrobe in a modern and satisfactory way. Get more of the hanging rods, compartments, hooks; pull out drawers, shoes drawers, etc. the interior of the wardrobe can be exploited to the maximum with the help these. Install pull out racks or open racks for normal clothing. For an easy and hassle free work these wardrobes are incorporated with light fixtures, shelves, mirrors and drawers for a practical and easy use.

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Choose mirror sliding doors to allow the light to spread through and to add a new fresh perspective into your room also add colours with high gloss glass to give it a colour full touch. Adding mirrors on your wardrobes will cut down on the space occupied by the dressing mirrors tables. You will have to control and choose any design that you like and later create the space & storage that suits your need. Add a class and a complete design look to your bedroom with these elegant looking and easy to use wardrobes.

It’s better to redesign your existing closet into a new, stylish and well organized bedroom wardrobe for the unmatchable complete designing and clutter free bedroom design. Make your room more trendy and lively by choosing well designed modular set of furniture and wardrobe cabinets. Set the trend in your home with well-organized and manageable stuff. Experience a new living space within your old house with LUXUS at your service.

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