Feng Shui Colours

Feng Shui Colours

Feng Shui is the art of equilibrium and stability. Feng Shui is used to bring stability and prosperity in people’s lives. Feng Shui use a combination of colours and symbols to bring about change and improvement in a person’s life. Feng Shui works on the belief that certain structures and small changes can create harmony in our lives and improve it.

Important Colours of Feng Shui

Colours are very important in Feng Shui because they represent the various elements – fire, water, wood(earth), metal. Each colour has a specific place where it has to be used for the best benefits. Correct placement is very important in feng shui as wrong placement can promote negative and unwanted effects.


The Fire Element, signifies love, passion, excitement, energy and romance. Just like our bodies need warmth, homes to need it and that means it needs at least a bit of red colour. Red is best used in the bedroom. It is quite good for people who want to promote romance or sexual desire between each other.

You may also use it in the office, because it is also a sign of prosperity. So keeping the colour red in your work area could bring in more prosperity and increase the amount of money that you earn. Trying experimenting with different shades of red to find your match.


Green signifies the wood element. It is symbolic for energy, regeneration, nature and nourishment. Green is considered the mood important and best of all the Feng Shui colours. Green can do amazing wonders for people’s health and can help in new beginnings. Green is believed to draw its power from nature itself.

Green is best used inside your home. Since it promotes good health you must certainly use it in you bedroom and in the living room. Use different shades of green together to make the most of the wonderful chi qualities of this colour. Additionally you can also use potted plants in your home. But avoid plants if you plan to use green at your work place.


Blue signifies the water element. Blue symbolic for nature, tranquillity, stillness and openness. Blue has a calming effect on people and is therefore good for people who are looking for some peace and tranquillity in their lives. You can use shades of blue ranging from clear to aqua to a deep blue. Blue is a good colour for health. That is why you will see a lot of hospital use blue in their logos and decor. It is also a colour of trust (that’s why banks use it a lot).

For a calming and peaceful life, use shades of blue in your bedroom or living rooms. For the best results, use blue in the east, southeast and northern corners of your home.


Also a wooden elemental, brown is the colour of earth and symbolizes stability and strength. Brown is associated with a sense of maturity which translates to stability throughout one’s life. Using brown in one’s life can also help you in leading a more luxurious and grounded life. Being grounded means you moneys stay with you and is blown away.

Best to be used in office and working spaces and it can make more money come in and improve your business or salary. You can use brown in making your wardrobes and in your wall cabinets. To integrate brown you might consider using flower pots or earthen vases at your place. Place one at the entrance to your abode to welcome prosperity into your homes.


Grey is the colour of the mind. Now you know where the grey matter term came from. Grey signifies the metal element and is symbolic for mental detachment and clear headedness. Grey is a very composed colour that can help calm down nervous tension and bring about mental clarity. Grey is best used in the west, northwest and north corners of your home.

Use grey is office areas to promote professional understanding and increase focus and help you calm down in high pressure situations at work.
Black is a water elemental and unlike in other traditions is not seen in a negative context in feng shui. Black can a symbol of infinite knowledge, gaining knowledge and well as a symbol of the endless unknown. In feng shui it is believed that black and what it represents adds depth and definition to life.

Black is best used in moderation at home as using it too much might restrict energy flows. Use decorative items using black to supplement your home decor like by using curtains or vases. Avoid using it in children’s room or bedrooms.

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