How to Create Efficient Study Space at Home [Expert Ideas]

How to Create Efficient Study Space at Home [Expert Ideas]

Your child’s study space decor can have a helpful effect on your child’s academic performance. While not a deal breaker, scientific studies have shown that certain colors and proper storage spaces and a clean clutter free study space in general are good for proper focus. Now depending on the size of your house and age of your child, they will have different study habits and spaces they utilize for doing their work. They may choose to study at the kitchen table or even sprawled out on the floor in your living room. But these study habits are far from ideal.

If your apartment doesn’t have the right setup for a student, it can be difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, prep for exams and write term papers. So, why not create a study zone that encourages learning? Our expert’s tips should point you in the right direction.

Find your child’s preferred study space

Some students like secluded, private space while others have no problem studying in a more chaotic setting. The first step in the process is to figure out which of the two categories your child falls into. A closed off space could be situated in a more quiet area such as the bedroom. If your child prefers to be out in the open, a corner space in the kitchen or living room are good options as well.

It has to be quiet with ample comfort

It is a study space, so it better not be too comfortable or they might fall asleep. So we recommend you don’t rely on a bed or a kitchen table to act as a study spot. The bed and kitchen table are best used for their intended purpose and not as a makeshift arrangement for study purposes. A traditional desk and chair works best for any student and is ideal for the right frame of mind to focus on their studies.

Pay close attention to the ergonomics and comfort. Your child should be suitably comfortable, and not experience any discomfort while sitting. Keep in mind to have the right size of desk and chair according to your child’s age. Or you can get a normal sized desk along with a chair with adjustable height. Although pillows and a throw blanket might make the study session cozier, it could make the space a bit too comfortable. You don’t want you child napping instead of doing their homework.

Pay attention to the corners

Got an unused closet? What about a blank wall or empty corner? All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and you can probably envision a new study space in multiple spots within your space. Take a walk around and see where you can easily fit a desk and chair. There are lots of creative ways to transform even the smallest nook into an efficient, stylish study space. All you need is the right expert. LUXUS experts can help you create the best possibilities for your space.

Focus on lighting

When choosing your study area, don’t forget that proper lighting is essential. Natural sunlight is ideal, but desk lamps and other fixtures are important as well. The lighting should not be too bright or dim. Too bright or dim a space is not good for proper focus, but it is advisable to err on the brighter side.Dim lighting is not very helpful when one is trying to burn the midnight oil.

Cut the clutter

A messy study space adds to a students confusion. A clean, clutter free, organized study space helps to make the study space more conducive to studying and also makes the whole exercise a lot more effective. If you also have a desktop computer, best to always position it to one side of the table. This is will leave you room to have a open space to put your book and write on. Also build a habit of getting your desk back in order after your study session. Leaving your study space in disarray might discourage you from studying next time.

Happy studying!

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