How to Create a Home Office [Expert Ideas]

How to Create a Home Office [Expert Ideas]

Have you got a home office? As you climb up the corporate ladder, creating a space in your home to act as your home office may very well be a good idea. Most corporates today offer the facility of work from home today. A very good feature if you have a young family to take care of. While the idea is to get both the home and office jobs done, work often suffers on the professional front.

 You responsibilities aside working from home does not quite give same satisfaction as doing it from your office. You might have felt it yourself. The lack of a professional atmosphere makes one lax and prone to either making mistakes or delaying work.

In a such situation it would be advantageous to create a nook at home which will help you to concentrate on your office work without the homely distractions. You need to define a work area at your home where you will not be disturbed and every member of the family is well aware of it. And… no, you need not have a separate room, fill it with books on one wall, get a swanky table and revolving chair to create your study space at home. It is much easier than that.

In this blog we will tell you how you can create your very own home office or home study space without having to shell out a bomb.

Mark a Work Zone

Demarcate an area or spot in your home as your work zone. You don’t need a big space. You can use the space under the stairs, use a window corner, or use the excess space in your living room or bedroom. Just find enough space to fit in a table (with drawers to keep your files and stationery) and a comfortable chair.

Get a Storage Unit

If you set up your mini office along a corner, get a L shape cabinet or bookshelf to make space for your official files and books. You will still always need a space to keep your stationary together in one place. Always make it a habit to lock away all your work stuff once you are done working. Better to keep important stuff locked away out of reach of curious youngsters.

Make Inventive Use of Space

Avoid getting heavy-ish furniture. Get light weight material and minimalist designs. You want to be able to adapt in the future, as your kids grow older. With all the running around you will probably need to engage in while working from home, lighter furniture will help in avoiding nasty knocks. Lightweight furniture will also give you the option to shift you space easily to another room, for example if guest arrive in your living room, you might not be able to work there.

Good Lighting

Proper ambient lighting is a vital aspect of any work space. If your area is right next to a window, well you are in luck. Install blinds on the windows to tone down the light during daytime whenever required. If your space is along a wall or just at a windowless corner, get a good desk lamp. Desk lamps have the added psychological benefit that under its own pool of light, you will feel a bit more isolated, which can help you to focus better on the job at hand.


Look into the small details. Get an ergonomic chair; see that your table is at the right height. If you have desktop computer, get a sliding out keyboard drawer. Get a small bin to throw in the waste papers. Small details like matching the colour of the office area furniture with the rest of the room is better, you don’t want your work den sticking out like a sore thumb from the rest of the room or house.

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