Make your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Make your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Get creative and create an illusion to make your small kitchen appear bigger. Do not feel trapped in your tiny kitchen, it is time to put your creativity to use and have a highly functional spacious kitchen.

Buying a home with an ideal kitchen is on every home buyer’s list. However, not everyone is lucky to that airy and spacious kitchen. We bring you simple and creative ways to make your kitchen space appear larger, and will also make a statement.

Design Ideas

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Allow Natural Sunlight In

Create an illusion by allowing in natural sunlight into your kitchen. In case your kitchen does not have access to natural light, install overhead LED lights. You will be amazed how this tweak will brighten up your kitchen, making it appear larger.

Add Glass Cabinets

Make a wise choice by installing glass cabinets for your storage. Not only do these glass cabinets allow you to look through the cabinets to make the items easier for you to find, but will also help reflect light and make your kitchen look spacious.

Expert Advice 

Luxus Modular Kitchen Ideas for Indian Homes

Choose Drawers Over Doors

Get smart and add sleek, effective storage. For a fact, drawers are more operational compared to cupboards. Wide deep drawers are ideal to find what you are looking for, instead of pulling everything out to reach that mug lying at the end of the cupboard.

Paint a Color

Paint your cabinets the same color as your kitchen walls. This will create a sort of a camouflage, which will give an appearance of more space. Choose light color, such as white, grey or even pastel colors to make the space give an airy feel.

Hang mirror and Artwork

Hanging mirrors, or artwork will create the same illusion as the glass cabinets. Mirrors reflect light and space, making the kitchen appear larger than it already is. Also, installing reflective tiles would be great bonus as well.

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