Innovative Kitchen Technology Ideas to Make Life in Kitchen Easy

Innovative Kitchen Technology Ideas to Make Life in Kitchen Easy

With increasing popularity of technology infused modular kitchen among Indian consumers, built- in kitchen appliances has started achieving a position in the consumer’s mind.
In today’s time, kitchen is not just a place to cook, but has also become a place for family to come together, for a meal or socialize. Henceforth, we look for kitchen hacks to make our kitchen convenient and spacious for such activities.
In India, especially we are so dependent on the domestic help, that even basic hygiene cleaning comes to a stall, when our high in demand, maid in India decides to decides not to show up for work. Don’t you wish for a technology that will ease your work load, along with adding glamorous touch to your kitchen?
There is an appliance and space for every job in the kitchen; we bring you some splendid tools and gadgets to add to your kitchen.
Here, you will find fascinating hacks to make work easier in cooking and cleaning:

Splendid hacks to help you in cleaning:

Touch-less Kitchen Faucet:

It all comes down to personal preferences. Touch-less technology modifies the way you interact with the faucet in your kitchen. Use this great technology to conserve water by activating the water flow only when required. It is fast and easy to turn on and off the water, without twisting the knob of the faucet. Touch-less faucet incorporates automatic shut-off of water supply if it is left running for a long time.

The installation is just like installing a regular faucet with a few easy to connect wires. They run on batteries and it does not require an electrician to assist with installation.

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Water-wall dishwasher:

This brand new Samsung DW 80J9945US can dress up any kitchen space, with its slick aluminum front that is so pristine. This great dishwasher is not only energy-saving equipment, but also exceptionally quiet. The only sound you will hear from the machine is, when the cycle is over and water is draining out.

This new WaterWall technology inside the dishwasher is quite astounding. The nozzle at the top of the appliance rotates like a traditional spray arm and the bottom of the machine- a second bar with jets moves from the front of the dishwasher to the back, which means that every dish in every nook and corner gets sufficient water supply. This results in extremely clean dishes by this classy dishwasher.

Angled Smoke-Free Kitchen:

Angled and wall-mounted chimney hood are perfect for small kitchens and have a high extraction rate- 680 m3/h rate supplies clean air while cooking.

The intensive setting allows the extraction rate to temporarily increase, when the kitchen vapor is specifically intense and automatically reverts to original setting after 10mins.

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Splendid hacks that make cooking easy:

Come Home to A Cooked Meal:

Late night at the office? Don’t worry about coming home tired and cooking yourself a meal. With a smart slow cooker, you can set your crock pot in the morning and check the temperature throughout the day on your phone. You dinner will be ready and fresh, waiting for you come feast on it.

Save Your Hands From Chopping:

An electronic device that comes with multiples blades and attachments that allow you to grate, shred, mince, chop etc. What a savior for the hands of the cooks. They can save the energy to stir their delicious meal instead.

Make sure you look out for the number of blades, sizes and material of the food processor before you purchase this miracle!

Door in Door Fridge:

This latest introduced side-by-side refrigerator has easy access and bigger capacity. This biggest refrigerator offers its consumers double layered and ultra-convenient door system. This multi door significantly has more food storage space, its apt and best choice for bigger families or consumers who like to buy their groceries in bulk.

A well renowned brand LG, has introduced this side-by-side refrigerator, standing 31 cu.ft.

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Smart Frying:

For fried food lovers, enjoy a healthier way of eating fried food without really using a deep fat fryer. The slim fry, smart oven circulated hot air that creates food with a crispy texture, by only using a pinch of oil.  Produced through grill, microwave and convection heaters, you can now replace greasy utensils with healthier and premium technology.

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