8 Points to Consider Before Owning a New Kitchen [Expert Ideas]

8 Points to Consider Before Owning a New Kitchen [Expert Ideas]

There is a vast range of modular kitchen options available in the market today and one can get them customised  with accessories, fittings and fixtures, that suits your taste, requirement and budget. But whenever you end up choosing a modular kitchen, custom made or otherwise, there are a few basic guidelines one can follow to make the right choice.

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Modular kitchen design layouts are based on the “work triangle” concept. It consists of imaginary lines that connect the refrigerator, the cooking range or burner and the sink. It is a standard rule that for maximum comfort and efficiency, the length of a triangle leg should not be more than 9 feet and less than 4 feet. The cumulative length of all the 3 legs of the triangle should not exceed 26 Feet.

You can choose a layout style of your choice like – galley style, L-shaped or U-shaped etc. one can choose from.

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As the kitchen is an area which tends to get hot and uncomfortable to stay in, there definitely has to be a chimney, vent or window next to the hob. Fresh air must be replenished continuously. Make sure you have a chimney for the air to be regulated and ventilate the space.  It may cost you a bit, but it is worth the trouble and expense.

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Try and avoid matte-finish paint on walls as it is difficult to clean stains and soot build-up. Choosing a semi or high-gloss paint instead is a smarter decision. For the backlash area behind the counter, the best option is to go for tiles or granite as  it is easier to clean the oil and grease deposits from the glossy surface compared to any matte texture surface.


Colours, textures and fittings make a big difference to the look of your modular kitchen. For the worktops, natural stone such as marble and granite are commonly used. It is better to use granite as it is stronger than marble and doesn’t get stained as easily. Granite is also highly heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures.


Large appliances such as oven, microwave, dishwasher and dryer should be placed in concealed cabinets which usually come integrated in the modular kitchen. The mixer, hand blender and toaster can be stored inside wall mounted cabinets and taken out whenever required to avoid clutter.

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Always try to get as much natural light as possible during the day and then plan for sufficient illumination using ceiling and wall lights for the night. Task lighting is a definite need for the work top area. You can get chimneys fitted with lights for this purpose. Plan the plug points around your kitchen carefully according to the placement of the appliances.


Streamlined kitchen cabinet units protect everything – masalas, grains, chinaware, cookbooks – from dust and cooking fumes. You can choose from many different types of pre-fabricated wire baskets that allow you to store jars and boxes neatly. They can slide open like drawers, making it easy and convenient. For small bottles of masalas or sauces, opt for slim, vertical cabinets with wire shelves. A cutlery organiser tray is a must to make sure you have your cutleries well arranged for easy operation and handling


Invest in a good quality stainless steel sink (with two bowls). It should have removable wire baskets for washing vegetables and fruits with ease. Your sink should ideally have drain boards on either side so that it allows the utensils to dry properly. Store your cleaning equipment under the sink. A wire rack is ideal to place scrubbers and mops. Designate a concealed space for the dustbin under the sink, it is always better to have it  out of sight.

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