Ways to keep your Countertop Clutter Free [Expert Ideas]

Ways to keep your Countertop Clutter Free [Expert Ideas]

Ever get the feeling, your countertop never seems to have enough space. In spite of your best efforts, things just always seem to be piling up on your limited countertop area and you never have enough space to work on. It could be that you really do have a small countertop area, but follow these small steps given below and you will always be able to keep your countertop space clutter free.

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Avoid dumping things on the Countertop

There is tendency to drop off all manner of things – mails, groceries, plates on the countertop. Try to avoid this and clear up stuff as soon as possible to avoid clutter. Otherwise things tend to accumulate. Make it a habit to place the items in there designated areas, or designate a an area for them. If you must, divide your countertop into different spaces and allocate one as your workspace.

Use Cabinets

Cabinets are the easiest way to organize your kitchen. Better opt for a closed cabinet instead of an open one. That way even if you end up putting an assortment of different items together in the same space, they won’t be an issue. Another advantage cabinets have is that they can be installed independent of your countertop base, you can install them on your wall and they can be custom made to your specific needs.

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Follow the one in-one out Rule

Sentiment can waste a lot of space. If you want to save space you have to throw away older unused items. If you are getting a new cabinet, throw away the old broken one. As you keep updating the various items in your kitchen, make a decision to do way with obsolete items. This way your kitchen will look uniform and you will avoid cluttering the space.

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Put back items in the right place

Put back items in their proper place after you are done using them. If it is a used dish, put it in the dishwasher, put the cleaned utensils in the proper cabinets.

Avoid pile ups

Make organization a habit. Instead of piling up pots and lids start hanging them on the walls, anything that is lined up or spread out neatly is easy to store and also pleasant to look at.

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Schedule one chore per day

Divide your kitchen into different section and allocate a single day to week to to maintain a particular section. Starting small is the key to making work into a regular habit. Break down your cleaning routines and concentrate on a single section a day.  By allocating a single task a day, you will keep your kitchen clean and also won’t have to spend much time in keeping your kitchen well maintained.

Have a “Clutter” Drawer

Old habits are hard to change and you may find yourself falling back into old patterns. But even this can be used to your advantage. Allocate a drawer just for clutter. Put in all the items which don’t fit in any other space in this drawer.

The 2 Minute Rule

Always leave the kitchen better than how it looked when you walked in. This includes quickly wiping the table or countertops on finding them untidy or washing those 2 glasses lying in the sink. Better not to avoid the small 2 minutes tasks. Remember all those 2 minutes together may be an hour’s task.

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