Modern Wardrobe Materials [Cost Guide]

The wardrobe material used to make your customized wardrobe is a good indicator of the returns it will give you over the years. In this blog we will try to answer some of the common questions which go through the mind of a buyer when deciding about getting a wardrobe for their home.

Question like:

  • How much a wardrobe will cost?
  • What wardrobe materials to use?
  • Why are some materials costly or cheap?

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Wardrobe Materials Types

There are quite a few wardrobe materials options available today. Sliding door wardrobes are nowadays made using particle boards which has helped to greatly reduce their cost. Other materials which are in great demand are the MDF boards and the trusty old plywood boards.

Particle board (Cost effective with wide range of applications)

MDF (Very economical & durable and much preferred these days)

Plywood (An old favourite, applications are limited because of relatively high costs)


  1.  Height X Width (Co-related to price)
  2.  Depth (18 inches/24 inches) – Double check what you’re getting

Door type:

Full panel Doors – (easy to make – cost effective)
Full panel with external drawers (More space & units – so more costly)
Sliding door (Rich and elegant look – Requires a lot of material and hardware mechanism, costly of all)

Interiors & Hardware:

Options are pretty much endless. These are very crucial for determining the price of the wardrobe, one can Customize according to one’s budget and requirements. Shelves, drawers, hangers, hinges, mirrors, handles, show shelves, sliding shelves, shirt hangers, cloak hangers

Particle Board

These are made of wood chips glued together and pressed to form long sheets. Being low density wood it is rather bendy, so it can be used well when making long panels for wardrobe doors spanning nine-feet. Used correctly the overall furnishing cost can be greatly reduced as the prices are relativly cheaper compared to MDF and plywood. Good low cost option for wardrobes and other furniture that is not going to be exposed to a lot of moisture or kept out in the open.


Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood pulp, made by breaking down real wood pieces into wood fibres. It is then glued using special resin and by applying high pressure and temperature. It’s cheaper than plywood and it is a good option compared to particle board as it is stronger and more durable. The surface is so smooth that knots will not develop and it is ideal for painting and other flat furnishing products. This is the best material for making wardrobe shutters. Being consistent, its edges remain smooth without any splinters or voids.


This is the most expensive of all the above materials and it has the highest resistance to water exposure, even higher than solid wood. It is highly durable and can withstand harsh temperatures with the added advantage of being Borer and Termite resistant. If your wardrobes are used roughly and exposed to moisture, plywood is the best option. However, since wardrobes are not normally exposed to moisture or water, MDF would be a good choice for a wardrobe shutter while the body can be of plywood or particle board.

Size and Depth:

Size and cost of the wardrobe are co-related to each other. As the size increases, the price of the wardrobe also increases. The price variations are usually because of the depth of the wardrobe. Ask the wardrobe experts to suggest you the depth for your wardrobe, as they will be best placed to give a size.

Most manufactures make wardrobes with at least 18 inches depth. But it is advisable to have your wardrobe built with a depth of 24 inches, as you get more space for your things, and the wardrobe also looks more elegant. But for most spaces 18 inches should be enough to give you the option to have more shelves and drawers and hangers.

Door type

Wardrobe door types play an important role when it comes to the pricing for the wardrobe. Traditional doors like like hinge doors will cost less but they have their own set of pros and cons. Sliding door wardrobes while they are a bit more expensive, they offer the best when it comes to storage and functionality.

Which ever mechanism you choose to use for your wardrobe – rails, hardwares, wheels etc. will cost extra. Also, when it comes to sliding door wardrobes the material wastage is higher than a full panel. But, then the sliding doors are far ahead when it comes to the style quotient.

Interiors and hardware:

Always better to customize the interiors and hardware exactly as per your needs. That way you will only pay for what you need and can avoid the fancy unnecessary frills ready made wardrobes come with.

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