U Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

U Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

The U shaped kitchen layout is another of the popular kitchen layouts increasingly being seen in large home. While a u shaped layout can work well for homes of all sizes, it is best used in large homes where the dining area is clubbed together with the kitchen. Large space allows for family members to comfortably prepare meals together without coming in each other’s way. The large space may also allow for a island to be installed.

Design Ideas

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Floor Planning

The U-shaped kitchen layout allows for a efficient work triangle with ample space for appliances on any of the 3 counters. As the U shaped kitchen takes more space, there’s room for a kitchen island floor plan. Then It becomes necessary to keep the appliances in an L shaped kitchen configuration so that the appliances don’t get too far apart.

Additionally the u shape can also take on more obtuse angles if need be. The angles need not 90′ degrees, if required the angles can be stretched diagonally.

Smart Kitchen Storage

It is very essential to have the right storage spaces if one is aiming at a smart kitchen.  Have long drawers next to the range as they are perfect to store large pots and pans. Use pullout wire drawers or sliding door drawers to cut down on space and have elegant looking cabinets with stainless steel handles as they give more contemporary look than traditional knobs. Invest in cabinet doors that are made of glass fronts with edges in stainless steel instead of wood or traditional laminate. Using opaque glass makes the room bright and gives the room openness.

Design Ideas

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Light & Bright

As the u-shaped walls are often closed from both sides, there is very little chances of having the kitchen well lit and ample light can make the not-so open kitchen look spacious. So one side of the kitchen often the central wall one can have large windows so there will be natural light and make the space look brighter.

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The U-shaped kitchen has the perfect working triangle as the cook-tops, sinks, ovens, refrigeration units fit together perfectly/ in the working triangle. It is also considered the most efficient kitchen layout with work triangle and is therefore in much demand these days.

Room for All

The benefit of having a u-shaped kitchen is to have a crowd free kitchen even with 2 or more cooks cooking together and yet have enough area for others to move around. This is an ideal kitchen for large joint families.

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Doubles as a Recreation Area

The U  Shape Kitchen could be the most entertaining space of the house as you can have the cooking session happening on one hand and also have guests sit over at the island.

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U-Shaped Kitchen Advantages

  • Allows for more sitting space
  • Allows for installing a kitchen island
  • Accommodates multiple cooks to work at once yet makes the kitchen less crowded

 U-Shaped Kitchen Disadvantages

  • Cupboards and chairs on three sides cuts down the floor area
  • Bottom corner cabinets can be difficult to reach
  • Large floor area can result in workstations being too far apart
  • Tiny floor area can sometimes feel too enclosed

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