G Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

G Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

The G-shaped kitchen layout is an extended form of the U-shaped kitchen layout. If one wants increased storage & streamlined cooking area, a G-shaped kitchen is the answer. The G shape kitchen is the best option for kitchens with huge loft space, where one side of the G can run along the wall extending the rest of the kitchen to the other room.

Design Ideas
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 Functional Design

To make the room feel more spacious, open up the wall in a nearby room and create a pass-through or breakfast bar for the family. It has an exotic fashionable appearance of its own and makes the kitchen look.

A minimum of 10x10ft (3 x 3m) is needed to design an effective layout for G shape kitchen which eventually expands into a larger room but with a manageable sized kitchen triangle. When the layout is small do not have all the appliances put together on one side but split to 2 sides and have 1 self service area or desk. This can help one using two under counter refrigerators to preserve the counter space in kitchen.

  • The kitchen should have enough counter space.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space for storage.  Try using some different and innovative storage ideas unlike the regular designs.
  • The kitchen should have an effective layout, including a kitchen triangle.
  • The kitchen should have good amount of privacy for preparation and dining area privacy from rest of the home.

The Counter Space

When it comes to counter space areas, G shaped kitchen layouts simply because of its shape has more to offer in terms of work area. The main constraint for counter spaces would be that the kitchen area itself is not suited to building a g shaped layout.

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Storage cabinets

The G-shaped kitchen is best for families who need more storage and counter top space and a brunch area. G-shaped kitchens fit very well for kitchen with open-plan living areas, with their peninsular wall extending into living room areas.

One can have lots of base and corner cabinets. G shaped kitchens being upgrade versions of u shaped kitchen layouts means space utilization is also pumped up in all aspects.

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Effective Floor Plan

A G shaped kitchen has the same degree of that a U shaped kitchens layout, its just that the advantages are increased. The work triangle is formed using the appliances on three sides, making sure all are close together.  If the kitchen is big it’s important that work triangle is kept compact, concentrated together in one area.
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Kitchen Privacy

The g shaped kitchen layout is flexible enough to allow for the variable degrees of privacy as per your needs. Additionally you can add a raised area to any of the open arms of the kitchen to make the kitchen more private.

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