What to do for setting up an Open Kitchen [Expert Ideas]

What to do for setting up an Open Kitchen [Expert Ideas]

The open kitchen is a relatively modern invention. But it is anything but open. For those unfamiliar and uninitiated with the culinary arts, an open kitchen is not something set out in the open. ­It is simply an acronym used for a kitchen design where there is no wall separating the cooking area from the rest of the house. Usually the kitchen and living room are fluidly integrated with furniture pieces serving as demarcation between the areas.

An open kitchen opens up a lot of possibilities, especially if you have a small space. For one if you don’t have a very big place, an open kitchen plan can help to de-clutter and make your home feel…well large. Also it is very advantageous when it comes to showing off your gleaming, spanking custom made kitchen cabinets. Imagine how cool it will be when you press a switch and out comes your seamlessly integrated appliance to razzle dazzle your guests.

It also makes for a very interactive cooking session. For the savvy home maker an open kitchen offers ample opportunity to be a part of the fun with the rest of the family. For the lover of good food, ordering food is much easier from the living room couch for starters. (We sincerely advise against it. Why risk injury?).

Below are a few key points you best keep in mind before you decide on getting an open kitchen plan for your home:

Design Ideas

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The design theme

It might be a wise idea to follow the existing theme of your home. Keep in a mind that most probably an architect has already put in some though in creating the layout and décor of the place. You don’t want to bring in a completely new design and create a mish-mash of styles. If the colours and theme doesn’t gel, then your open kitchen will create unnecessary contrast, which will be jarring to the eye.

Expert Advice 

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Use furniture to demarcate areas

You can use visual elements to create separation between the kitchen and living room area. You can do so by either strategically placing your furniture or through simple use of colour. Use a different colour in the ceiling or in the flooring or floor tiles to create the demarcating line. You can even place your island in the middle of the two areas for creating differentiation.

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Get an Island

We suggest you put your cabinets and counter-top areas along one wall of the room and put an island opposite side of it. Now the island in itself has lots of options in the way it can be designed. Depending on the size, an island can come with a lot of in-built storage accessories and can also double as the dining area, thus cutting the need for a separate dining place. If you are the adventurous sort you might even add you stove and chimney to the island. Avoid putting your sink on the island, if you want to use the island as a dining area as well.

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