Modular Kitchen

G Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

G Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas] The G-shaped kitchen layout is an extended form of the U-shaped kitchen layout. If one wants increased storage & streamlined cooking area, a G-shaped kitchen is the answer. The G shape kitchen is the best option for kitchens with huge loft space, where one side of the G can run along the wall extending the…

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L Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

L Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas] The L shape kitchen layout is one of the most popular kitchen layouts used today. An L shape kitchen comprises of two adjoining counter-tops perpendicular to each other, forming an “L”. In any space setting, large or small, L shaped kitchens are an excellent choice as they are spacious enough…

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5 Kitchen Habits To Master By Your 30s

5 Kitchen Habits To Master By Your 30s Kitchen work, as you may have discovered by now, is not child’s play. For most people, the 20s is when they really begin to appreciate all the toil of their mothers. It is especially true for boys, when day after day they are forced to consume their…

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