5 Kitchen Habits To Master By Your 30s

5 Kitchen Habits To Master By Your 30s

Kitchen work, as you may have discovered by now, is not child’s play. For most people, the 20s is when they really begin to appreciate all the toil of their mothers. It is especially true for boys, when day after day they are forced to consume their own abysmal cooking, all the while remember the simple cooked food their mothers made for them while managing a whole lot of other things.

But really, there is no need to despair. Even though it starts as a skill to learn for survival, it does turn into a fun experience the more you cook. It is all about building habits and in this blog we list down some of the common tasks you need to make a habit of as you grow older. These will certainly help in impressing your better half, cause you can bet they won’t be doing all the housework by themselves. Times really have changed and you better change to.

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Don’t leave it for tomorrow

This rule surprising applies to all areas in life. Actually you can leave the dishes for tomorrow but only if you have a maid or a very good roommate or a surprising obliging spouse.

If you are the husband, just clean all the dishes in the sink, if you are the wife, simply get your husband to do it. If you are the roommate, do it once and you are owed a favour.

Next day you won’t have the time in the morning, because you have to go to work and it will get harder to clean them once they have been lying around for a while. So next time you sit down to cook or eat you won’t be irritated. And it also gains you brownie points.

Store the groceries in the right place

You may be tired after shopping and walking around with the heavy groceries bag, but storing items in the right place right away can save you some trouble and even money.

Just imagine if you forgot to put your perishables in the freezer, you will have to throw them away and all the hard work you did walking around will be wasted, along with a portion of your hard earned money.

So store them right away in their proper place and then have your cold beer.

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Get the right tools and storage space

Get the basic kitchen kit in place. You may have few needs and don’t mind using the same bowl for everything, but you will from time to time have guests who won’t share your views.

So get a basic set of utensils, spoons, knives, pots and pans in your kitchen. And buying it together in a set will cost you less and also make your kitchen space feel more organized.

You may also invest in storage cabinets to keep your things. As you grow older, the number of things in your kitchen will increase and you need to be prepared with optimal storage options for all items.

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Keep your Knife edge sharp

You most probably won’t need it for self-defence but you will need it for cutting up vegetables and fruits. A good sharp knife is perhaps the most useful tool for any cook(no matter the level of your skill).

Knives need to take a lot of punishment and can get blunted if not maintained. Use a wooden chopping board instead of chopping on the countertop. Don’t use them to scrap dirt or stains off utensils. Knives are fairly easy to maintain and can last a lifetime with some basic maintenance work.

You may want to get it sharpened once a year though. Get a whetstone, you can easily find them online these days and then you can do the sharpening yourself. Clean it regularly with soap and water and keep it dry.

Learn to Cook

As you grow older, you will realize that your appetite for outside food and pizzas, subsides and you feel a need to eat healthy. The best way to do it is to learn to cook.

Decide to stop living out of the pizza box and take aways and hopefully by the time you are in your thirties, you will know how to whip up a few delicacies on your own. You will also probably feel the need to invest in a fully functional kitchen complete with storage cabinets, preferably with a modular design.

You may also have kids of your own by your thirties and you sure don’t want them eating unhealthy foods. So learn to cook. It will not only save you money but also enable you to spend more time with your family. In short, you will finally feel all grown up.

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