Stone is a Popular and Durable Choice for Countertops.

The beauty of natural stone is unbeatable. Granite countertops are an all time favorite, due to their durability, wide variety of compositions and affordability. Of course other stones are available depending on the need. Granite is the usual choice for home kitchens. But marble, limestone, slate and soapstone can be used to make style statements and for outdoor kitchens where the use is not so frequent.

The color of the stone you saw in the showroom may not exactly match the stone used to make your kitchen top. Make sure you are comfortable with any differences.

Also, know that you can choose from a variety of finishes. Common ones include polished (for a high-gloss surface), honed (smooth with more of a matte look), flamed (a blow-torch creates a textured surface).


Granite is the most durable and easy to maintain. It does not get scratched easily hence you can cut and roll dough, or place hot vessels directly on granite. Stone are porous to some degree, each stone requires special sealants. But granite absorbs the least. Good stone factories seal the granite.


Marble is smooth and cool to touch and hence marble is the traditional preferred for rolling dough and making pastries. However, it lacks the durability of granite and can get stained. It requires sealants to be applied more frequently to prevent stains.


Granites come in a large variety of qualities, colors and compositions. Hence the price can significantly vary. Cost of approx INR 170 -INR 250 per square foot is usual. Top-of-the-line slabs can run upward of INR 500 per square foot.


A Tough, Super-Hard Surface for Countertop.

Quartz counter top stone is some called “engineered” quartz stone. It is pure natural quartz (often more than 90%) mixed with epoxy resins. It is nearly indestructible and a great choice for home owners who want a beautiful and durable countertop. It is non porous and does not get stained. It is extremely hygienic and food safe. One of the advantages is that it offers consistent color surface.

Quick tip: Unlike Granite it is available in colors not found in nature, since the crushed stone is mixed with pigment. Hence you can choose a color that dazzles and still looks like stone. It’s a great advantage.

  • No sealants required
  • Scratch-resistant with diamond-like hardness. You can cut on quartz. However excess force can damage the surface.
  • Color consistency
  • Non-porous nature hence it is virtually stain-free
  • Decorative edges are possible
  • It tolerates moderate temperatures for a brief time. Hence it is advisable to use a hot pad when placing a hot vessel on it.
  • Approx costs can range is Rs. 45- Rs.125 per square foot.