PU Lacquering Process

PU or polyurethane paints have various qualitative properties like high gloss, aesthetic appearance and excellent gloss retention. The PU painting process at LUXUS undergoes several quality control checks to ensure qualitative manufacture.

PU Painting is a 11 step chemical process, each of which adds to the durability of the finished product. PU (Polyurethane) painting is a time taking process as multiple coats are applied and each of which have to dry completely before the next coat is applied.

So when you order your dream kitchen, please take note of lead time, keeping the duration of the Pu painting process in mind. On our part we will keep you informed of the timelines.

Advantages of PU Paint:

  • Superior smooth and high gloss finish
  • Resistant to heat, so ideal for use in modular kitchens
  • Are easily touched up if damaged
  • Superior adhesion without using any primer
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Impermeable