Find Your Style


It’s a good moment to get some inspiration. Visit some modular kitchen stores to find your favorite looks, finishes and features. Also the internet is a great source for inspiration. Consider various design styles to spark your imagination.
Do you prefer a rustic solid wood look, a clean modern look or the clean lines and symmetry of a contemporary kitchen? Visualize with our large collection of finishes and colors. Do you like the glossy looks of high gloss acrylic finish? Do you prefer the sleek clutter free looks of PU lacquered finish shutters with molded handles? Wooden finishes? What color schemes do you like? Bold, subtle or classic white? Choose the style that best suits you.


Modern styling includes combining clean looks, easy to maintain finishes, and well designed space space organization with modern accessories. Modern means blending “you” and ‘your home”. This style appreciates ergonomics, self- expression and pragmatism.


Classic reflects a natural, timeless and familiar feel. This is a warm and relaxed style that brings outdoor charm indoors using natural materials like wood with a hodge-podge of textures, copper decorations. It all comes together to tell a unique and rich story.

Decorations can be inspired by nature, personal memories, worn out antiques, “unfinished” edges and faded paint, symbols of the seasons, and a pattern created through texture.


When going contemporary think…. Minimalism. Subtle decoration. Open spaces. Clean lines. Stream lined. Clutter less. Smooth and elegant surfaces. Bold.
Contemporary uses natural materials like aluminum, leather, glass and stone. Few but bold accessories, and subtle geometric design elements also play an important part.