Kitchen Layout

Kitchens are slowing becoming the place where families not only cook but relax and entertain as well. Given their new found importance it is always good to go in for a modular kitchen styling. So if you are looking at a kitchen remodel, you might want to take a look at various layouts you can choose from. That’s the beauty of the modular kitchen . You have a range of design and storage options you can choose from. Maximize you spaces and get the perfect kitchen layout for you and your family’s needs.


Sometimes also called C shaped modular kitchens, these are best for small spaces. As the name suggests it features a horseshoe shaped work area, with counters and cabinets running around three sides. Depending on the width of the “u”, such kitchens can only accommodate one or two cooks.


L shaped modular kitchens have been popular for decades because of the versatility it offers. An L shaped kitchen consists of two adjoining walls perpendicular to each other which make up the work space. You can always choose to make one leg of the L longer than the other depending on how much wall space you have.


A more recent development, an island modular kitchen is a good idea if you want the stove to be accessible from all sides of the room. Only go for this kitchen type if you have a big kitchen area. Island layout design allows two or even three people to cook together. The island in the centre can function as an extra work space and a place for family meals.


G shaped modular kitchen is just a more, one can say, an advanced version of the U shaped kitchen. Go for this modular kitchen type if you have a penchant for extra storage spaces, counter space, need an eating area but don’t have enough space to go for an island kitchen. Such kitchens fit well into open plan living areas. Good bet for older apartments looking for a kitchen renovations.


This type gets its name from its resemblance to kitchens aboard ships called “galleys”. Galley kitchens are basically two parallel works spaces with movement area in the middle. One of the arms can be longer than the other if your space permits. This can be seen as a variation of the island kitchen, just that instead of the island you have a counter.


Best for small homes with a small kitchen room but it works very well for large open area plan homes as well. One wall modular kitchens have a single wall design for keeping all utensils, appliance and ingredients within easy reach. Go for sliding door options for the cabinets if space is a constraint. Hinge doors may take up more space when opening making movement difficult.