Good Kitchen Design Starts in the Corner

Good Kitchen Design Starts in the Corner

We bet you have an underutilized or even unused kitchen corner. But now you no longer need to cut corners when it comes to employing the corner spaces in your kitchen. Luxus has a range of solutions you can choose from, for getting the right corner unit for your storage, working area needs and budget. Read below to learn about making the ultimate kitchen corner unit.

Standard Kitchen Corner Units

Standard kitchen corner units come in high line and drawer line options and are ideal for storing large items which are not daily used. Also called L Shape corner units, they are a very neat and simple solution for modular kitchens. Instead of being hinged at the corner, the corner doors are hinged at the sides, which create a significant amount of storage space. L Shaped units come in the following widths – 930 x 930, 1030 x 1030 and 1080 x 1080mm. Wireworks can be added for making accessibility even easier.

Standard Kitchen Corner Units with Wirework

Go for this kitchen corner option if you plan on using the corner space for storing items meant for daily usage or if your modular kitchen space is very limited. Made using smart wirework design solutions, sometimes called magic corners, this option includes wire baskets which can fully swing out to provide easy access.

Wirework units also come in a style called the “Le Mans” system. It is named after the famous Le Mans racetrack known for 24 hr endurance races because its shape resembles the Le Mans circuit. It combines turning and swinging functions to allow two independent shelve units to glide in and out. Each shelf can take about 20 kilos of weight and are idea for storing large pans, pots or dry food items.

Magic Kitchen Corner Units

Magic corners, are aptly named and can provide you with a magical solution to all your modular kitchen corner storage problems. Admittedly though, it has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with cleverness. Such corners can house two complete cabinet units side by side utilizing only one corner cabinet. Just pull the door to see the storage units draw out neatly for access.

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