How to Select the Right Sofa Set

How to Select the Right Sofa Set

Your sofa or couch in your living room is most probably the favourite spot of everyone at home. The couch is where you will spend your lazy Sundays and entertain guests when they arrive. The couch is obviously a very important aspect of your living room and one which needs to be selected with much care. In this blog you will learn about the different types of sofas and how to choose the best couch for your needs.

Love Seat Sofa

This is a type of short sofa meant to seat only two people at a time. Its short length and small size allows it to be fit in just about any of the rooms in your home – living room, hall passage and the bedroom. While it does not offer the space to lie down on, it is perfect for enjoying intimate conversation with your special someone or curling up and reading a book.

Sectional Sofa

This type comes in sections of two or more pieces. Usually coming in an L shape or a U shape, it can seat up to 5 people. It is perfect for watching TV, because everyone in the family can comfortably sit together. You will need a large room if you want this option, or you can even choose to break the sections and use them separately.

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Sofa Beds

Simply put, this type is a bed-cum-sofa. During the day it makes for comfortable sitting and at night it can fold out to create your bed. It is perfect for small apartments, student dormitories or when friends stay back for a sleep over. Options are available where the mattress can be separated from the sofa.

Standard Sofa Set

This is the regular normal couch most homes have which can seat 3 people or a maximum of four (if you are really skinny). Good option for living-cum-recreational rooms or for setting up your home theater system. Recliner type models are also available, so you can stretch your legs or simply doze off in while reading a book.

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Things to keep in mind before buying Sofa:

  • People often forget to take note of the size. Keep the size in mind, the sofa has to enter through your doorway before you can use it.
  • Keep note of the fabric. Sofas are a chore to wash, plus if you have kids, better go in for leather instead of cloth based coverings. If you choose a fabric, choose one with patterns instead of a single colour as they hide stains better.
  • Since sofas are the centre piece, they are sometimes available in a set along with a centre table. Get this option if available, you will save on money, plus all the pieces will match.

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