Ideas for Wardrobe Lighting [Expert Ideas]

Ideas for Wardrobe Lighting [Expert Ideas]

Wardrobe lighting is an often ignored part of wardrobe design but it can be a pretty useful one. Do I even need my clothes closet to be lit, one might ask? Say you keep your wardrobe in a corner of the room which does not get a lot of light, rummaging through your stuff can be a bit tedious if you are not quite able to see clearly. With the frequent power these days, you might find it difficult selecting what to wear for an evening out.

Wardrobe lighting can provide you with clear visibility, all the while adding visual appeal to your wardrobe interiors design. There are wide and varied choices for the interested. Read this blog to get some ideas on how to light up your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe Strip Lighting

You can try to illuminate your closet interiors by using strip lights underneath the hanging rods or under-roof sections of the wardrobe. Further enhance the features by using sensors for automatically switching on the strip lights. This way one could save time as you don’t have to switch on/off the lights every time.

Wardrobe Rail Lights

Proper lighting helps to create the perfect ambiance in your bedroom by providing illumination with a balanced distribution of lights. Cove lighting is an excellent choice for internal cabinet lighting. See clothes in their true colors by using these on an illuminated clothes rail.

Drawer Lights

Wardrobe can have drawer lights installed which light up as soon as you pull them out. Drawer lights use infrared sensor technology and is an efficient convenience solution when added to your wardrobe design. Use of energy efficient LEDS mean they also last a really long time.

Wardrobe Downlights

You may light up the outer sections of the wardrobe as well by installing few lights over the wardrobe by creating a false platform. Wardrobe lighting gives a complete look to the wardrobe inside as well as outside sections.

Double the Effect with Mirrors

The right lighting to illuminate the immediate area surrounding your wardrobe is of vital importance, when your wardrobe is a mirrored one. Mirrored wardrobes have a vital advantage in that they make rooms feel more expansive. Using decorative lights around the mirror can further enhance the effect and give a movie stareque feel to your dressing up routine. Think big giant bulbs around a mirror. Yes, that could be you. Just install the lights to get the feel. Remember to use LEDs though.

Depending on your budget, choose from different types of lighting accessories to increase the functionality of your  sliding door wardrobe design. There is no dearth of choices available in the market.


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