Why should you choose Integrated Kitchen Appliances [Expert Ideas]

Why should you choose Integrated Kitchen Appliances [Expert Ideas]

Integrated kitchen appliances are becoming more and more popular these, whether you are getting a new kitchen made of having your old kitchen remodelled. Having the appliances integrated into your kitchen design will help you cut the clutter, make it look neater and can also help you with avoiding nasty knocks. While mostly seen in upscale kitchen earlier, prices have come down relatively enough for kitchen appliance integration to be done even for small sized kitchens with limited budgets.

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What are Integrated Kitchen Appliances?

For those who came in late, integrated kitchen appliances are appliances which have been built in along with the rest of your modular kitchen. Integrated appliances are concealed behind customized cabinets specially designed and constructed with the specific purpose of hiding them behind cabinets which match the rest of your kitchen design. Integrated appliances, when made by an expert can often be impossible to tell from a regular cabinet. Only when you pull them out, is the actual appliance inside revealed.

Integrated appliances can be divided into 2 types depending on the level of integration.

  • Fully Integrated
  • Partially/Semi Integrated

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Fully integrated appliances

This type of integrated appliances are designed to complete disappear into kitchen design. There are no indicators on the front of the appliance to indicate in any way, that there is in fact an appliance inside. Fully integrated appliances are completely covered by a door.  These are the most expensive option available in the market today.

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Partially integrated appliances

Partially integrated appliances offer clues to the presence of the appliances. The front of the appliance is made to match the overall look of your kitchen. The difference being that the vent and the metal edges of the refrigerator might be visible. Partially integrated appliances are relatively less costly than a fully integrated kitchen.

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Advantages of Integrated Appliances

The major advantage of integrated appliances is that you can do away with the clutter and unnecessary obtrusive angles of the various appliances. Integrated kitchen appliances gives your kitchen clean cut lines with minimal obstructions. Also since the wires and different colours of the appliances don’t show, the overall look and feel of the kitchen becomes uniform. This is especially important if you have an open kitchen floor plan with your kitchen viewable from other rooms.

Another major advantage is the sizes standardization it offers. All appliance makers manufacture their wares in standard sizes. The modular kitchen industry also makes all modules keeping this appliance size standardization in mind, which means all future up-gradation or replacement of your appliances won’t be a problem. Size standardization means they will still fit in your already existing module.

LUXUS offers all major brands, and hence based on your budgets and requirements, our experts will be able to help you select and integrate them into your kitchen design.

We have the following Brands available with us.

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