Modular Kitchens

Kitchens are no longer the place where the women do the boring and tedious household chores. The kitchen has evolved much over the years and is increasingly becoming a place for socializing. This is happened with the advent of modular kitchens. Modular kitchens as the name suggest, is made by assembling small sections or modules together to form the kitchen.

Modular kitchens are a relatively new thing in India when compared to in the west, but it is fast catching up. Modular kitchens come in varied textures, finishes, materials which gives one ample scope to find the best fit according to ones budgets.

Modular kitchens also have the added benefit that, since they are made of modules, they can be easily installed. Modular kitchens help to de-clutter spaces and help create a serene and peaceful space to indulge in culinary explorations.

  The Current Trends

Precision, sophistication, sleekness – these are the defining characteristics of a modular kitchen. One can choose from different types of layouts,  each layout is meant for meeting certain needs and constraints – U-shaped (very efficient and great space saver), L-shaped (good for small kitchens), straight (the basic form), island kitchens (for bigger sized kitchens) and parallel kitchens (eliminates the need to walk between two work areas).

The kitchen is now a place where families spend quality time together or entertain friends. Various appliances can be built in to reduce the actual cooking time making it a less tedious task. Foldable/movable countertops can provide an extra platform to work on and can be designed to seamlessly melt into the kitchen decor to free up space when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Minimalism in Design
  • Provision for integrating electronic appliances
  • Space savings and clever storage options

Do you know about the different types of kitchen layouts? Depending on how much room you have you can choose from 6 different styles. Click here to read more and find out the best modular kitchen layout for you.

Bold and Beautiful

The availability of a plethora of materials has also stepped in to offer new finishes to the kitchen design – glass, stainless steel, wood, laminates, lacquer, stones like granite, slate and marble, high glass veneers and eco- friendly options. Kitchens are a lot more colourful these days. From neutral colours to blurs and lighter green shades, to warmer colours to bold colours, no colour is now improper. The trend has now shifted from the monotonous neutral colour tones to more bold, exciting and contrasting colour patterns. With 3D software visualization, customers today have the option of visualizing there kitchen in detail before getting their kitchen made. Colours, textures, patterns, everything can be visualized using CAD-CAM software.

Key features:

  • wide range of colours available
  • vibrant, contrasting colours being preferred
  • Customers can now visualize their dream kitchen before manufacturing begins in great detail

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Technology Jump

Anything can be integrated with numerous variations available for all – chimneys, dishwashers, ovens, drawers, trolleys, cutleries, adjustable shelves. With the green movement progressing in all quarters of design, LED lights are now being preferred. Drawers now come with soft closing technology that can glide in and out with just a small tap. The cabinetry can be wall mounted, at the base or suspended from the ceiling. Kitchen corner spaces are no longer wasted but can be creatively utilized.

Now you needn’t waste the corner spaces in your kitchen. Click here to discover more exciting kitchen corner cabinet storage options.

Technology has helped to declutter the kitchen and made cooking faster and a lot more enjoyable experience. The synchronization of the cabinetry with the kitchen has become important and appliances are concealed by making their exteriors match with the cabinetry styling. When it comes to chimneys, once can choose from feather touch buttons, LED indicators, oil filters, remote operation facility and even sensor technology which can switch on and off automatically as needed. Refrigerators come with televisions integrated into their doors. A touch of a button can cover up the sink and hob areas or can convert four door wall cabinets into a fully functional kitchen. These are just some of the many innovations revolutionizing the kitchen industry today.

Key features:

  • Integrated and concealed appliances
  • Space maximization using clever cabinetry
  • Technology integration turning kitchens into the living rooms of the future

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