L Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas]

L Shaped Kitchen [Inspiration Ideas] The L shape kitchen layout is one of the most popular kitchen layouts used today. An L shape kitchen comprises of two adjoining counter-tops perpendicular to each other, forming an “L”. In any space setting, large or small, L shaped kitchens are an excellent choice as they are spacious enough…

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How to Select the Right Sofa Set

How to Select the Right Sofa Set Your sofa or couch in your living room is most probably the favourite spot of everyone at home. The couch is where you will spend your lazy Sundays and entertain guests when they arrive. The couch is obviously a very important aspect of your living room and one which needs…

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FENG SHUI: Using Symbols for Prosperity

FENG SHUI: Using Symbols for Prosperity Feng Shui symbols are an excellent way through which one can enhance their energy and existence. Integrating feng shui symbols along with fen shui symbols one can greatly increase its benefits. The representation of both can be strong enough for a whole house and they will certainly attract positive…

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